Couch to 5K


This is my second attempt at Couch to 5K (first attempt was May 2012 and I only reached week 4) and I've finally managed to run for 30 minutes. I started my second attempt during October 2013 and this is the first post I've written although I have regularly visited the site to read everyone elses posts and questions and to keep me motivated. I had a few weeks without running due to illness and Christmas so it has taken me longer than the planned 9 weeks, but I got there in the end.

My plan now is to continue running 2/3 times a week (I can't always fit in 3 runs a week) and to gradually increase my speed by 0.1 mph per week (I do all my runs on the treadmill at home) until I can run 5k in 30 minutes and then I will take it from there.

It has been great knowing there is the support from the community if I need it even though I have just been browsing and not posting and I probably wouldn't have completed the programme without it, so thanks everyone it really is a great community ;)

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Well done.It was my 2nd attempt too. I find I post more since I graduated and it helps keep me motivated. There are threads you can join to help you do that or create your own posts. It's a great community and more people need to hear about it. Now you just need to get your graduation badge.

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Well done Muffintop AND Tinyrun! That really is dedication to succeed at the second attempt. Enjoy those lovely feelings! You've earned them!



Well done Muffintop that's great! Enjoy your running x


Congrats on graduating Muffintop, I'm on my second attempt too and wouldn't be still running without the support given by everyone here. Keep posting to let us know how you get on


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