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Thank you

After a disappointing W9R1 (exactly the same distance covered as my last W8 run) I was at my most creative with the excuses (:it was raining and I would have to either a) wear a shower cap or b) fashion some kind of headgear out of an Asda bag to save my headphones from water damage).

I finally hauled myself out.

Now I don't know if the lad sheltering under a bike cover and his very aromatic cigarette had anything to do with this (a surprising and not unwelcome waft amongst the smell of mud and wet dog) but I remembered a post I'd read the night before about imagining all the Couch25k community were there cheering you on. And I suddenly totally imagined that - the solitary running mantras 'I can jog! I will do this!' replaced by a feeling of being totally supported, cheered on and championed by the belief of others - all you lot.

Whether you ever post anything or just read others' posts (as I did until today), it makes a difference to know you are all out there slogging away, dealing with good runs and bad, battling to get fitter.

Thank you! I salute you all!

Your cheering helped me achieve my best ever run: an average of 6mins 40 secs per km according to trusty RunKeeper. I am chuffed, a little portly and definitely on my way to sportly.

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well done! I know the feeling - it was so hard to get out there tonight, I put it off for about 2.5hrs :( but i feel so much better for getting out there and I hope you do too!

I am lucky in that i pass other runners on my route so i don't feel alone.


When I run I often think the following: How are the others on here running so far & fast? I try to remember the posts I've read. I always think that someone or a group of us from here are right now doing a run anywhere in the world. This all helps me distract myself from thinking about my tiredness. :-) I couldn't do this without the support on here.

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It's vile out! The temptation is to hibernate but we have to drag ourselves off the dreaded couch and get busy.

Things are never as bad as we think they'll be, and once you've warmed up you'll be fine

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Lovely to hear that the image of everyone was so inspiring! I am off out in half an hour and will try for the same effect. Not sure whether I will find anyone smoking 'aromatic cigarettes' though. :)


Lovely images in my mind now!

Yes, this is a great site and the support is superb - there for all of us to take on as and when we need to!

Glad you get the positive vibes!


I never thought of imagining other C25K'ers cheering me on whilst I'm out but, now you mention it, seems to be a good idea so I will give it a try. Thank you for sharing, good luck with your own programme and best wishes.


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