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W4 R2

Well. Yesterday the wind was so strong it blew my husband over! So I couldn't run outside so went to the gym and went on the treadmill. The first run I did on 8 the rest on 7. Does anyone know how the speeds work out on the machines? It's not Km per hour? I have never asked and never been told. I didn't enjoy it much I like the outdoors and it was too hot! but it's done. Will do the next one tomorrow

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I would ask someone at the gym. The treadmill I use has three presets, 3km/hr, 6km/hr and 9km/hr. I use 6km/hr for the walks and 9km/hr for the runs.

How did you find W4R2? I did it today and struggled a bit. I could easily have given up and even had my excuses ready!. Found myself chanting in my head "Just one foot in front of the other" during the second 5min run. Was really struggling after 2 minutes but just kept thinking "I can do another 30 secs". Kept this going until I had completed 5mins.

Completed 3.95k in 31½ minutes. Four weeks ago I'd have thought that was impossible!


I'm finding it hard too. My legs ache by the end of the 5 mins and lasts the rest of the way. I might do this a one extra. My body isn't adjusting as fast to this one.

I may not be able to run today either as I need to pick up my car from the garage over 6 miles away. Not sure I want to run the first bit and walk the rest too! I may take my pushbike as it will be half the time.



Great things are pushbikes. Think of it as cross training. I love mine and often use it for shorter journeys, especially into town. I'm lucky as we are well served here for cycle paths so I never need to touch a road. Good luck with your next run, I'm sure your body will adapt soon. Best wishes.


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