Couch to 5K

Post shingles - too soon to re-start

Well I started back on C25k with a Week 4 run this morning after giving the Shingles 4 weeks. I set myself to do half the programme but tonight I know I've overdone it. My legs can definitely do 5k but just tell my lungs that! My chest pain is back to probably the level of a few days ago, so hopefully not too long to wait till I can get back on the road. I felt wonderful after the endorphins kicked in, and was so pleased to get out on a lovely sunny morning for a change. I'm so disappointed and frustrated. Thanks for the advice of forumites; you were right!.

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Well done for getting out there, and hope you continue to recover. Take care x


Take care of yourself , get more rest & I'm sure it won't be long before you're back out there. Let us know how it goes :)


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