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The girl ( Lady) seen on a Run looked awesome

Hi All, I saw the most amazing thing today that could be all of us, or for others - what we all hope we will/do look like.

I was driving home in the 5 pm traffic tonight which most moving pretty steady with a few traffic lights along the way.

I saw her first along the beach road,then realised she ran past as I went past the supermarket, then the traffic lights, and at other times on my journey home, until I got to the tunnel, where I saw her go the other way, it was quite a distance.....

And not once did she look like she was out of breath,ready to stubble,or consider slowing or walking....

strong,steady,calm, yes fit, but not super skinny, just good and healthy, and amazing, she was just doing it- and was so good to see!!! Inspiring

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I think we all inspire to be that lady however I don't think my red face will ever be considered at ease with what I am doing sad times


one day, one day !!


That was me on Wednesday evening, except the traffic wasn't moving so I had a grin on my face as I whipped past all those poor drivers sitting getting bored (OK at the end of a 10k run I may not have looked the part but I felt it!!!).


fabulous, that is certainly what we aspire to, and most importantly that we just keep on enjoying it!!


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