New podcast series: running clothing for beginners

Following on from my post yesterday ( ) , where it became apparent that I am not the only one who has issues with my running apparel, I propose a new series of podcasts to accompany the C25K podcasts. Running (sorry) in parallel with Weeks 1-9, where you actually learn to run, you could also learn about the importance of choosing the correct clothing, clothing for all weathers, and the tips and tricks to make life easier. Here are my initial suggestions: please help me create our new programme to benefit all newcomers (and indeed those like me who have been running for some time and should know better).

Week 1: Trainers, gait analysis, hobbit feet, 'normal' feet, sweaty feet, and a NSFW section on Black Toenails.

Week 2: Support: subdivided into M and F. M (need some help here) covering support for the boys, F looking at sports bras: how to get into one, and just as importantly, how to get out of one when you are tired, hot and sweaty. The propensity of zipped versions to spring undone at inappropriate moments.

Week 3: Leggings - see previous post, but also to cover thermal versions thereof

Week 4: Tops - wicking, layering, waterproof, showerproof, race, freebies, cycling, long, short, fitted, sleeves-with-thumbholes. Etc.

Week 5: Socks. Oh, the joy of socks.

Week 6: Injuries. Not for the faint-hearted, needs to come with a warning, also a 'see your GP if in any doubt NOT Dr. Google' but could cover the major running injuries. Another NSFW section covering chafing, the Paula Radcliffes, and other awful things that occur while running.

Week 7: Entering races. What to expect. Warnings of the addiction. Warnings about the credit card drain. Horrific stories about the queues for the loo, setting off too fast, hollow laughter at the course description of 'undulating', and wild applause at the end as you cross that finish line and collect the bling.

Week 8: Gadgets. Deffo need some help here, and this would need to be updated probably weekly. Tricky.

Week 9: Catch all - covering hints and tips, reviews, cheesy running tracks such as Eye of the Tiger, treadmill vs the great outdoors - what else?

What do you reckon? A choice of narrators? Who would you suggest? What else needs to be covered?

(PS it would be fun to do this, but I'm not really suggesting it :) )


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113 Replies

  • Knickers! Huge great Lycra armoured knickers 'cos bellies wobble as uncomfortably as breasts.

  • Yes! Although there needs to be a whole sub-section on underpinnings because some favour matronly cover-alls, like me (Primark 3-for-£5 black lycra, if anyone's interested), some run commando, some prefer a thong, some shell out for professional Runderwear - there's all sorts of options and preferences.

  • Excellent work!

    Personally I am fond of gently clashing colours for my running outfits, I feel this is Important :)

  • Ooh, I forgot colours! Good point! Neon, brights, toning, clashing, reflective, patterned, sloganed, sponsored, how to get your name on your top for a race, fancy dress (those rhinos!), club shirts...

  • This ones a whole new topic !!😂🌈

  • Most definitely 👍😂

  • I have no insight to offer - but this sounds like it would be a brilliant Podcast!!!

  • I don't have insight, Scott33 I just float the idea and wait for all the brilliant suggestions to roll in :) What surprised you about running kit when you started?

  • Well - from a male Tight Boxer Shorts were a godsend!!

    Other than that, i am not so far into running to come across that many issues, but i will certainly report them as/when they crop up!

    Headphones could be another subsection...Wired or Wireless?!

  • Aha! There you go - that would fit :D into the section on Support.

    And Headphones into the section on Gadgets. Personally, I got some wireless bone conducting ones recently, Aftershokz, and they are fantastic. I love them because I can still hear what's going on around me, traffic and such, but I can hear my music as well. The sound quality isn't what I'd choose to listen to music to, but hey, I'm running, so I'd miss things anyway.

  • Yes - i bought some cheapish wireless headphones (£20) to see how i would get on, before paying out for some decent ones - best thing i have bought, be it for running or otherwise, its liberating not having to worry about the wires!!

  • I used to get in a right tangle with wires :D

  • I caught the wire once, and flung my phone out my pocket and down the road!!!

  • Noooo! Hope it survived!

  • Depends what you class as "survived", screen smashed, but the phone worked...survived, but pretty terminal.

  • Aaarghhh :( We should add arm bands/flip belts etc. into the list then.

  • Yes - along with bungee cords, bubble wrap, and zip up pockets! :-)

  • Bubble wrap...?

  • To soften the landing for flying phones!

  • :D :D :D

  • What make are they because lm getting in a right old mess when running😝🎧

  • These are the badboys....

  • Oooh im going to put them on my xmas list😊

  • Best £20 i have ever spent! Battery lasts about 8-10 hours, and the sound is perfectly fine.

  • I am now in possesion of these bad boys..

    They fit nicely, and its great to be wireless.

    Thanks for this😊x

  • They are a really good price, but I don't like things in my ears, so be cheeky and ask for wireless bone conducting ones :D

  • Ha... £99 😨Annie..I will put up with the in ear ones for £20...

  • £99.00??? Somebodies doing well... :-)

  • No, I was really lucky and got mine from a friend who didn't get on with them :) I'd definitely save up and buy them again though!

  • Thanks, they look as if they would fit small ears 🙂

  • Yes, mine are for small heads :D

  • 😂😂😂great post and long over due!!!!

  • What would you add? What have you learned since you started? What advice would you give someone starting?

  • How about alternatives to lycra? Ive just started this week and am partial to running in a skirt.

  • Skirts are great! There's a virtual running friend of mine whose friend makes running dresses and skirts, and they look really comfortable. There are skorts as well. The only alternatives I don't personally like are cotton, just because they get so heavy and clingy when they get sweaty.

  • Oh wow I didn't know a running skirt was even a thing!! Will be investigating!

  • Yes, ordinary skirts and the skort combo. Have fun!

  • What a brilliant idea....i would be interested in these. Does she have a website?

  • I don't think so, I think she just enjoys sewing and made them for her friend. I can ask though!

  • Ooh I like that idea for the summer!

  • Skirts are a lot cooler. I don't wear them because of chub rub :D

  • Presumably, unless it's a skort, you need special knickers underneath, like the ones we used to wear in PE at school back in the day?

  • I don't think it would be wise to run commando :D

    If you look at the very top of this thread, there is a comment about the differing types of knickers. I already wear those huge granny knickers because I find them best for containing my jiggly belly and not fighting with my leggings (apart from the other day!) but possibly if you do wear a skirt you might need these as well. Think of the Marilyn Monroe effect if a large lorry went by! :O

  • Yes definitely, granny knickers all the way! Suffered an unexpected Monroe blast quite recently when walking over a grate near work, near passing cardinals, and it wasn't one of my best moments!

  • Oh no! I hope they weren't looking :)

  • Ha, great post Anniemurph.😊

    Running caps ( to keep the rain out of your eyes or glasses)

    The joy of a buff when its really cold.

    To carry a donut shaped water bottle or not...

    I wish I hadn't bothered carrying water as I don't bother now..but it was a bit like a lifeline during the c25k plan, and I would gratefully sip some on my warm down walk..

  • Oh, yes - and glasses, contacts, sunnies, caps, hats, hats with a hole for a pony tail, buffs (cold and hot weather, the wearing of).

    Water - bottles vs hydration packs - and then we get into nutrition! There could be a set of Plus podcasts for this series as well :)

  • I'd like a hat with a pony tail..for when I'm prancing...

    I have sensible shortish hair that doesn't swish😊x

  • I had a pony tail up until this morning. It didn't swish, though. It was a bit spiky and uncooperative. I never had the chance to put it through the hole in my freebie hat :(

  • In London, I saw a girl running with a literal pony tail coming from the back of her shorts..... I did a double take

  • Ha! I was going to write Fab! - and then I thought more. Wouldn't it swish against the back of your legs and irritate you?

  • I am with GoogleMe and the knickers:)

    Streamlined and taut... that is the look I am going for ..ha ha!!! Not working so far!

    And.. the brighter the better, gear... out there and flaunting it.. as roseabi says:)

  • Armourplated, streamlined knickers? Excellent! Me too! :D

    You do look very streamlined though, dear Floss, and I agree we should all be nice and bright :) There should be no excuse for us not to be seen on the roads. Oh, there's something else to add to Gadgets - lights and reflective doohickery for night running!

  • Too kind Annie x

    The Accessories section will be huge....!! Brilliant :)

  • It's almost a separate set of podcasts on its own :D

  • Ha, yes and running is supposed to be a free activity😆x

  • Whoever told you that???

  • Definitely - you have to go out there looking fabulous! :D

  • I bet you always look fabulous, roseabi !

  • Ha :D I wish...

  • ... very kind of you to think so though!

    Sorry, where are my manners?


  • Five months in, I’ve mastered most of the basics but I still can’t get back out of that flaming bra for love nor money! This made me laugh out loud 😂😂😂

  • It's not easy, is it? :D And the more you panic the tighter it sticks! We'd have to get someone to read this with a very calm voice, someone who can inspire confidence and determination to succeed. Alternatively, I am starting to consider employing a full-time support crew, to run with me and carry everything I need, and one of the team could be available to unhook me afterwards. They would have to stand at a discreet distance, and they would be paid danger money, and their insurance would have to be good, but I'm starting to think it may be the only solution.

  • You’re a genius! This is a fantastic idea. Otherwise, I can only go running when there’s someone else at home, for fear of being trapped in the flipping contraption. Surely only double-joined people or super-bendy yoga types can get them off? Alternatively, I’m going to have to get to know my neighbours a bit better to I can knock on the door and ask them to unhook me (danger money probably still a requirement)...

  • Ah, a new yoga class! :D

    I wonder if Minor Injuries Units or local fire stations have any statistics on trapped runners?

  • That's why I love my front fastening bra. You do need to be careful of catching yourself in the zip though.

  • Ouch! :O

  • When I was (very) pregnant with my second I had to knock on my neighbour's door to ask for help in getting out of a pair of overknee boots. I tried every possible manoeuvre possible in my condition but there was no way I could get free of them. My husband was working overnight so it was either that or sleep in them. It has been the cause of much mirth ever since.

  • Brilliant! Thank goodness for nice neighbours!

  • I still haven't got a clue! I've got the trainers sorted, the bra is still a struggle after an outing, but for the rest I'm still just wearing whatever I already had in the wardrobe. I have to admit that I'm beginning to get a bit chilly in cheap leggings and a 'basics' t-shirt, so I'm going to have to learn fast and buy the right stuff. I'm absolutely certain that your programme with have me kitted out in no time. I could even be your first graduate!🏆... Maybe. 😉

  • There's nothing wrong with cheap leggings and t-shirts! Trainers and bras are important, but Sainsburys, Tesco, Primark, H&M, Mountain Warehouse, Aldi and Lidl all sell excellent running kit at low prices. My favourite jacket is an Aldi cycling jacket - pockets and a longer back, fleecy lined, reflective bits - it's great! You can of course spend loads, but you don't have to. Have fun!

  • I can see a week of shopping fun on the horizon for next week. This could all work out very well. Airwicking, lightweight, reflective is good...slippage, chaffing, strangulation is bad. We'll see how I do. 👖👕👙😀

  • Woohoo - shopping!!! Let us know how you get on :)

  • I would appreciate some info regarding Parkruns. What is it? When to start? Should I wait till the end of programme? Is it free? How much it usually cost? Sources where to find parkruns near you. Etc.

    I have some answers, but I'm sure I wasn't the only one wondering.

  • Parkrun is fantastic! It's free, there is no pressure, you can start right now, because you can walk bits if you need to and loads of other people will be walking as well, and there is always a person at the back, a volunteer called the Tailrunner who makes sure no one ever comes last and will happily chat all the way round :) Go to this website and find out more. Enjoy!

  • Thanks. Till now the one parkrun I found near me need a small payment. I know that I can join at every point of C25K. At least after being in this forum for quite some time, I know it ;)

    Thanks for website, I'll check it out.

  • Re week8: wireless earphones, fitbit or other watches, belts for your beloved house keys and other necessities, something for water on the run (I don't know much about it, as my runs are still too short). Maybe basics of running gear if you go with yoir dog/cat/tiger?

    I think somewhere, maybe with injuries a section about stretching, maybe also foam rolling...

  • Yes, great additions. Actually, this is turning into a serious list!

    There are a couple of recommendations for earphones further up the list. If you search the forum for watches, you will get loads of info. Basically, my understanding is that a fitbit etc. is a fitness tracker, but if you want to look at your running stats you will at some point need a watch because it gives much more detail. Canicross is a whole different matter I know nothing about, and I refuse to get involved with tigers :D

    Foam rollers are fiendish. Great, but painful. You can find videos on YouTube, but my experience is, go very slowly, and only ever roll muscle.

  • My questions where more of ideas what else to add. For now, I have all the answers I need, as this forum is great source of information. However, I greatly appreciate your time for answering my questions.

    And some other things it's just a method of trial and error ;)

    What else could be added: apps to register your runs (Endomondo, Strava, etc) ;)

  • Oh how I laughed, I am a compulsive/ obsessive buyer of the right gear for my activities. Each of my current exercise regimes comes with its own expenses... running socks ,yoga ,socks,walking socks gardening, socks, similar range of trainers and shoes.

    Then there are the bags of all things shiny for Bollywood dance and all things spanish for Flamenco

    Amazon and eBay positively rub their hands in glee at the sound of “oh that sounds like fun I think I’ll try that”

    Being a couch potato would most certainly be cheaper but not as much fun .

    However I’m a tad worried that the bathroom cabinet is beginning to be as varied ,what with rubs, creams ,plasters, supports, painkillers, vitamin supplements...

  • Oooh, shiny things! Bollywood and Flamenco, how fantastic!

    And socks...

    I agree that we need a section on potions and lotions though :( My daughters eyed my massive tub of Vaseline askance, until I told them it's my go-to running gloop - pre-blister, post-blister, pre-chafing, post-chafing, cold-weather face protector - you name it, it probably works!

  • Was just going to suggest moisturiser as a must for the face....😊

  • Sun screen in summer - mustn't forget that!

  • Ha, you just caught me oogling the wireless headphones on amazon....drool😉xx

  • Tee hee :D xx

  • Nipple burn and how to treat it - both M + F 8-)

  • Ah... :( I've seen people at races come in across the line with bloody patches on their shirts, and winced. I think you can get little plasters, can't you? Although how that works if you have hair, I don't know :O

  • Just suggesting it as a topic for the podcasts. I used to put the cord/wire for my headphones under my running shirt, it could cause a lot of irritation - though I could have used a plaster to stick it in a (non irritating) place!

  • I used to feed the cord through my t-shirt as well, to save me getting tangled up in it. Although sometimes I'd forget, when I was trying to take everything off at the end, and that just made matters worse :D

  • You sound a lot like me Annie.

    Lotta work involved in doing these podcasts

  • I have also tried to take my shirt off before taking my sunnies and headphones off. It's a wonder I survive, honestly.

  • Maybe we could have a sticky thread on one of these themes each week, where everyone can post their queries, their answers and their top tips?

  • You might want to suggest that in a separate post and see what the admins think. They might think that there's enough discussion already, or that people can already just ask a question - or they might think it's a brilliant idea!

  • Now that the wetter weather is hear I'd love advice on waterproof jacket please?

  • Good idea! Personally I don't wear one, because I think anything designed to keep water out will also keep water in and I sweat a lot when I run. I just make sure my electronics are reasonably well protected and aim not to run in heavy rain where possible.

  • Yep I'm not keen on the thought of running in the rain as I'm recovering from a stress fracture. So my confidence isn't great. Will take on board your "sweating" comment though. Thanks

  • Sorry, just seen this. I hope your recovery goes well and I can understand why you might be cautious, especially if it's slippery underfoot.

  • I have tried a few and as you say the waterproof jackets also keep the water in. The water resistant ones may be Ok for drizzle. I don't want to spend a small fortune on one either. As for electronics - after having an mp3 player absolutely saturated (it did dry out Ok), I put electronic things in a little zip-loc bag just open enough to let the lead out and that keeps the water at bay.I also try to avoid running in monsoons.

  • Good advice. I saw someone who also advised putting a couple of those little sachets of silica gel in too, to avoid condensation from body heat, but I don't know if this works or not.

  • OK, what you wear in the great outdoors is important, the season of the year as well counts, like the term 'Hobbit feet' it means hairy feet, I have hairy legs, only a few hairs on my feet, although they say having hair on your feet is a sign of good circulation. I hate and rarely run or cycle in long trousers, I do that in shorts, I don't like my legs restricted in any way. If you watch any running events from a 5k to a marathon the vast majority of runners are in shorts.

  • Good point about not feeling restricted, and whatever makes you feel comfortable is good. I was doing some running tourism recently and took my standard running kit but felt a bit uncomfortable as everyone else was in dull-coloured baggy 3/4s and baggy t-shirts, sometimes covered with a plastic raincoat - and all this in 29C. Yuk! But that's what they are used to so that's fine for them and I must have looked very odd in my neon form-fitting lycra.

    My feet are very large and broad, but they get me round :)

  • That's the main thing getting you round the course, must be murder running in 29c heat, for people in the UK 29c is about 84f in old money, really hot.

  • I love this idea, brilliant!!!

  • Complicated, though!

  • I think Rignold s vids may cover some of this, if he ever gets round to finishing them!!!!!!

  • Oooh, Rig! We haven't mentioned the s-word anywhere yet!

  • Just need to finish the audio voice overs and the first 4 weeks worth will be ready to go. It turned out to be a bit more of a technical challenge than I anticipated, tbh.

    No excuse I know. Will pull my finger out.

  • That will be brilliant. I'm really looking forward to these.

    I don't think there's any time pressure from anyone. You are doing this off your own bat, so we are grateful :)

  • Suggestions for aspects ; Keys: where do you put them ,?if you want to travel lite, shame : what to do when you go A over T on the zebra crossing!

  • Good point about keys. Many leggings (for women, at least) only have a teeny tiny pocket so I need to take some type of carrier bag with me for the hundred-and-one things I need. And what happened on the zebra crossing? Hope you were okay!

  • I have mine on a string round my neck, which i put under my tee shirt. I use this when i go for walk, but only once for running so far (started this morning). It seemed to work but i dont know if it would for longer runs.

  • There is clearly a lot for me to learn! I have just started - did my first c25k run this morning.... Finally

  • Well done for starting, and welcome to the programme! You will soon work out what works best for you :)

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