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Perfect running morning! Frosty, blue sky, no wind. Why so difficult?

Today Stamina came through my earbuds first and this is my favourite C5K+ track. Decided to find myself another route. Did all of the intervals but oh dear - what a messy clarty run! It was terribly difficult keeping upright! I managed 6.93km in 73 minutes. That did include a session on the open air gym at the end so I have done it roughly 10 minutes less than last time. I know I am very slow. Still, it was out, it was lovely and a slight improvement.

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I was running Stamina today too! I managed to finish with just one short stop for a minute to catch my breath. It was lovely out and I got too hot!

I think the clue is in the name! It's not meant to be easy. It will test your stamina but that's all right. You build stamina slowly through plodding slowly round every other day. We'll get there and maybe one day we'll be flying round and ticking off distances willy nilly. Til then we just have to be patient and try and not get hurt. Happy running


You ran for 73 minutes! I couldn't run for that length of time. That's amazing. I think we are sometimes too hard on ourselves and it's easy to forget from whence we started!

I've found how I feel on a run will depend on loads of factors like what I ate, drank the day before, what's in my head, inadequate sleep, etc, etc. Some runs will feel better than others, but you got out there and did a great run. Well done.


Thank you, it's the longest run so far. I seem to be able to keep going but I know I am still very slow. But I am working on that!


If by "messy clarty run" you mean MUD, then I'm not surprised you're a bit slower than you'd like. Having to try to keep your footing, and then sticking in the mud instead of being able to push off a harder surface would slow anyone down.

But anyway, it's not about speed, it's about stamina which you've certainly got if you can keep going for 73 minutes including a gym session. Sounds like it was a good day to be out and about, so just enjoy what you've achieved today!


Sounds wonderful.. Don't put yourself down, above all else we should enjoy running, otherwise what's the point?!! Well done!!


Sounds like a great run on a lovely day to me - take the positives and look forwards to your next run! :-)


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