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whens the best time to start??

ive been reading about this for a while & would love to complete it. when is the best time to start?? mornings or evenings?? ive seen that most people do everyother day which would suit me. i suffer from depression and anxiety...i really want to do this but there is a part of me already saying i will fail. what hints or tips have people got when their get up and go has got up and left???

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Hi, I've just completed my first run this morning, I went first thing, actually set my alarm to get up and run. I didn't run alone, I had a friend and my daughter with me .. Which Is what gave me the motivation to make that first step. On the whole I think I'm gonna be an evening runner, which is going to be a pain as mornings work better for me,


Betcha82, you will not fail the C25K.

I also suffer from bouts of depression and I'm on Week 8 and I've run four 5ks already. If I can do it, you can. You have to want to do it. Find a time that suits you. I run in the morning as it sets up my spirits for the day. I can move mountains after a run. Why don't you try both and find a time of the day you like.

If you start remember failure is not an option and swap the word 'fail' to succeed. This is not impossible and immensely rewarding.



Hi Betcha1985 well done you are already off to a good start by contacting this wonderful site, here you will find loads of support and advice if you need it. It doesn't really matter when in the day you run, just pick a time that fits into your work and home life that will not cause you stress. It has to be said though that an early morning run sets the day off to a wonderful start. I wish you luck with the program and when you find life isn't being too kind to you once you have done C25K you have the big bonus of being able to put on your running gear and getting out for a run, its a wonderful stress buster as most will tell you. :)


The psychological benefits of this programme are huge. It really works and does not put you under pressure- you decide when to run and whether to repeat a run that you had difficulty with. It builds your confidence and self esteem as you progress. You will become very proud of yourself. Apart from the running there is this wonderful community, here online, who totally understand what you are going through, because we have all been there. We want more people to discover the joys of running.

As for time of day, that is very individual. I am a morning runner, because it is too much like hard work at the end of a hard working day. Whatever you decide, please give it a go. It really can change your life. Tell us how you get on. Good luck.


wow! what an awesome response. thank you so much. I guess I just need to figure out when to start. :-)


Maybe try afternoon or evenings - I found that easier when starting off, because if I set an alarm for running I -will- sleep through it, but after a day of work I have no excuse :P But it all depends on when you prefer! At the moment running in daylight is quite tricky, so I'm doing well-lit paths for now.


Hi Betcha1982, I just replied to your 1st run post, when I've just seen this one. I did my first run this morning and have been suffering from depression for the last 8-10 months. After my first run, I have never felt so elated in as long as i can remember. Depression is a bad friend that tells you that you can't do things, when in actual fact we need to remember to be our own best friend sometimes and tell ourselves we can go out and complete this run. Good luck, hope I've helped in some way, Katherine


Hi Betcha1982

Here is an owl speaking. I really don't do mornings in any way whatsoever so getting out of bed earlier and forcing myself outdoors on a regular basis just wouldn't work for me at all because staying in bed would win just about every time! Since I am lucky enough to work as a freelance from home, I usually go out sometime mid-afternoon, then have a late lunch when I get back.

You just need to try different times of day and see what works best for you.


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