Couch to 5K

Finishing with a hat trick

Yey, finally finished the C25k with my final run this evening.

Having almost completed the programme back in October with just one run to go I had to take a break due to a family member being very ill. Then after that I came down with a chest infection that stopped me running until December. When I came back I started back at Wk2. In total I've done 43 runs; 3 x wk1, 4 x wk2, 4 x wk3, 4 x wk4, 5 x wk5, 6 x wk6, 6 x wk7, 6 x wk8 and 5 x wk9. In my last run in October I achieved 5k in 30:56 mins. My last run tonight saw me struggle to make 5k in 35:33.

I still don't feel 100% from the chest infection and the fields where I run are waterlogged and muddy making life far from easy. I've found getting back into the programme really difficult and if it wasn't for peoples posts on this forum sharing triumphs and tribulations I may have lost my motivation, so thank you all.

As for my hat trick; 1 - finishing C25k (hoorah), 2 - finishing my third run for Jantastic week 2 (huzzah), 3 - pushed myself through to do the 5k - they think it's all over - crikey not likely - time to dust off the C25k graduation shirt ordered prematurely in October and continue with the Jantastic and Runkeeper's R4FL programmes. I also aim to do a Parkrun (Derby) as part of the Jantastic goal setting so maybe see some of you in the real whilst bimbling around Darley Abbey in the near future.

Happy and fortuitous running to y'all.

PS Can I have my graduation badge now ;-)

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Well done. I think you need to click the link on the right to be sure of getting your badge. :-)


Congratulations at getting back to it, marcosan, and welcome to the graduate club.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Well done for persevering and congratulations!


True grit and determination. You did it. Well done. Keep running


Hey marcosan well done on graduating and I think you deserve more than one graduate badge given the number of times you've completed some of those weeks. Good luck with the parkrun and Jantastic.


Well done. You must be feeling very very proud. Hope family member is better.


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