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Heavy legs tonight

Had a great day in London yesterday to test the new website for health unlocked-very good, easy to use. All the staff were really friendly. We also managed two museums and Oxford Street so it was late when we got home and legs were aching.

So it was like running in treacle tonight and very slow. Although I managed 40 minutes running map my run said only 4.7k, increasing to 5.2k with the two 5 minute walks. Getting a little disheartened that I can't hit the distance

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I had a similar experience this evening. I was running w7r1 quite late after a busy day at work, having dinner and walking the dogs. felt very sluggish. yet when is did w6r3 felt a lot better but that was earlier in the day. There is always the next run to look forward too?


Oo that sounds exciting. Must have been great to meet the team. Will there be more events? You already walked around a lot yesterday, so don't be too hard on yourself. Give yourself a good foot massage and see how the next run goes.


I set off running the other day and I felt like a lump of lead. I stopped, told myself off, and stretched up slightly as if craning my head to look over a fence. As you stretch yourself up to run tall it seems to take the weight of your feet. I felt like Mary Poppins, and off I ran and felt much better. Laura talks about "running tall" She's right


Thanks all, I will try this


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