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Couch to 5K
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Argggg have not done any running for a good few months and didn't actually progress further than week 3!

New year, new regime and all that and have been focused so much on diet, I have completely neglected exercise. Since the clocks changed and the nights set in earlier I stopped running after work as I don't want to run on the roads and the lovely canal path is too dark and scary to be out on my own!

Am going to face my fear and run on the road starting tomorrow but am a little nervous of my fat wobbly bottom appearing in peoples headlights as they drive by.

Really want to graduate now, anyone have any hints to get me started with road running and more importantly how to keep it going!

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Wobbly or not make sure you are wearing something absolutely luminous so you shine out in the dark! Who cares what anyone thinks - they should just be envious of you getting out there and doing it. As always, take it slow and steady and just do what Laura says, she gets us all through it.

And when you need support or a virtual kick up the bum, just come back to the forum.

Good luck

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As Ully says, definitely make sure you wear something high vis, and remember that you are getting off the couch and getting out there, so feel proud. :-)

If you want some extra motivation, then maybe you could join Rfc's 'Love To Run Valentine Quest' healthunlocked.com/couchto5...


I graduated once and then stopped running. 3 years ago. I also started over sometime ago and only did one week!

However I'm back and determined to keep going this time. So you're not alone in starting over. Or in having a wobbly bottom.! :) Good luck.


I got to 5k in oct but stopped as it got darker too. I love my run along the canal but as you say a bit scary in the dark! Last week I got up at 6 and ran round the block no one was about. Good luck!


I started 2 years ago, gave up half way, then restarted and graduated last week. The 2nd attempt took me longer then 9 weeks, but I did it. I find reading posts on here helps a lot. Legion is right, the Valentines Quest would be a good motivator. As suggested, high vis clothes are good and try not to have your music on too loud, so that you know what's going on around you. Go for it Whitlam333.


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