Couch to 5K

So close!

Got home from work earlier than usual yesterday and the sky was blue so I changed and went straight out for W9R2. I'd managed 30:18 for 5K on my previous run so I was hoping to get under 30 minutes. Sadly, wasn't to be although I was more than happy with 30:03. Last run of the program tomorrow (weather permitting) and apart from a couple of weeks off due to a heavy cold and awful weather (remember those stormy days about a month ago?) I've managed to get through it all without a blip. For those interested, I'll put up another post after I graduate, warts and all. Happy New Year folks - onward and upward.

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Whoopeeee! 30:03 is impressive for pre graduation, though I feel your pain and can sympathise re my 30:04 parkrun result after chasing the elusive 30 minutes some months ago. You'll get there, good luck with run 3.


blimey, I had nothing like that time on graduation and it took a couple of months to reach the 30 min mark...well done you!!!


Thanks for the encouragement! I graduated at the Poole Parkrun this morning and squeezed in under the 30 minute mark.


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