Xmas Quest week Four

Hi all and welcome to the fourth week of our quest

Everyone involved is named below. It's not too late if any one wants to be added. We are all about being inclusive.

Its good to see everyone being involved and working towards their goals. I am struggling but like I have said to others it's not a race and we are hear to support each other so if you've had a bad week don't worry your still being positive by being here.

For those that are getting closer and those that have achieved their goals well done.

Good luck to everyone.

Please bear with me if I make any mistakes as I am not used to doing this sort of thing.













































Oh and me realfoodieclub.

Good luck everybody and happy running.

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  • How do I join the Quest? It sounds magnificent. Hopefully I'll be fighting off dragons by Christmas!

  • Welcome onboard your name has been added

  • A tick for me this week as I volunteered at Parkrun and my goal is to run or volunteer as many as I can, it was great fun although rather cold. I will certainly aim to run this coming Saturday as long as my injuries don't flare up.

    Reading others posts it seems a fair few are aiming for their first Parkrun, it'd be great if as many of us as possible could run Parkrun in solidarity the final weekend of the quest on the 14th - anyone up for that?

  • I achieved my goal of sub30 parkrun this weekend by running 'naked' (calm down - nothing in my ears!). It was the 200th parkrun in Frimley so there were 400+ runners! balloons, cake and pacers. So I hunted down the man in the '30' tshirt and overtook him! Time 29' 38", 23 seconds better than last time. Never knew I had it in me!

    So my plan is to enjoy the next 3 weeks with longish leisurely runs (I have downloaded bridge to 10k) and I will do two 5k on weekend of 14/15 dec - parkrun and then a jingle jog! Health and weather permitting.

  • Well done Deb54 - what a great speed... where will this end? I have noticed my speed improves when i am running 'naked' so have been doing that almost every run now.

  • Thanks! Clearly more naked running! Have a fab time away won't you. And say hi to your daughter from us - she has been a real motivator for you.

  • Will do :)

  • I achieved my goal of putting something in my media pouch in my tracksters this week and it not looking like a third limb...However, I'm not doing it again as found it incredibly odd running with my phone in my back pocket and thought I'd bum rung my sister at one point!

    Still running, still finding some great, and some not so great. Covered 6.7k in 55 minutes on Saturday - some bits walking, some bits running, so I still need to work on my stamina

    Aiming to run my first Parkrun this week so that I'm prepared for our communal one on 14 December...

    Happy running everyone!

  • Hi All. had a good week this week. One of my goals was to run for 40 minutes non stop, which I did yesterday morning. The second goal is to run 5k in under 34 minutes. Got to 34.15 so almost there.

    Off to New York to see my daughter in the morning (woo hoo) , and swithering about taking my running gear with me. I did this for my summer holidays in Mallorca, when I was at week 7 and it was FAB. Have decided against it though, mostly because we are staying in a hotel and not really near any suitable spaces. Not fancying running in the streets there. I had fancied the idea of running at least part way around central park with my daughter but she has hurt her back so not really an option. think I will have to content myself with walking miles everyday. Will pick up with the quest when I come back. Parkrun on 14th won't work for me because I will be away at my sister's. Do plan on doing one soon though. Happy running everyone and have a great week!

  • Running in the streets of New York is great fun & there are wonderful park places to run other than Central Park! Highline Park (near Meatpacking District), paths along either the Hudson River (Upper West Side) or the East River (East Village) or other places. It is cold right now & some weather may be coming in so layers with a weatherproof hooded outer layer may be advised. Hope you give it a try!

  • Shoes now packed and ready for action! Thanks for the info, am staying near Delancey Street so East River nearer.

  • Have a wonderful time! Looking forward to your running progress report from the provinces!

  • Stops swithering and take it with you! Imagine how mad you would feel if there was an opportunity. Running in New York - how exciting is that!

    And never heard of swithering before!

  • Although I live in Edinburgh I originally come from Aberdeenshire, where I was brought up to speak Doric. I could teach you a new word a week :)

    Seriously though, thanks for the encouragement - shoes packed and now raring to go!

  • Well now I have learnt two - doric. (I love Wikipedia) And I am going to use swithering tomorrow.

    Happy ny running!

  • Due to shifts at work, I now can't do the December 14th Parkrun but I can do one on the 21st. You'd be welcome to 'join' me on that one if you can do that date?

  • I would love to join if appropriate. Please advise. Maybe the next one would be more in keeping with the spirit here... Recovered from a medical issue that kept me off running for a few months so I am starting over week 1 (& struggling with motivation & some excess weight put on since off programme) but if things go well with the old body, I may take just 2 runs at each level. My goal for this quest would be to do the programme 30 minutes every other day at whatever progress rate feels right & to sign up for another 5K before the end of the quest to be run in the first quarter of 2014.

  • Welcome onboard your name has been added

  • I am determined to stick with 'The Quest' even though it's a battle to get out there sometimes. I am doing it in conjunction with the runningbug.co.uk 's #noxcuses challenge for November. I have to run 6.5 more miles before Sunday to get to my target!! Thank you, rfc, for coming up with such a great idea, I would be struggling to do my runs otherwise. I'm really looking forward to us all doing Parkrun on 14 December!

  • Have just finished week 3 of the bridge to 10k programme I'm using. Six more runs before the massive "running for a whole hour". I'm nowhere near a park run to do on Dec 14th, so am hoping to go down to the sea front on that Saturday morning and do a 10k on the almost flat (much more chance of getting to 10k down there than up on this mountain).

    Very glad to have this quest to help boot me out of the door!

  • Been really busy so didn't manage to post for the last 2 weeks. I have got up to 8.5k on a long run but haven't managed to find the time to do one on the last 2 weekends. I also think I'm a bit scared of 9k. Don't know why because 8.5 was comfortable.

    On the plus side I have improved my 5k time. I knocked 11 secs off it last weekend and then took another 21 secs of it on Saturday. So now I'm on 32:58 for 5k. Not sure I'll get to under 30 but I'm happy the time is coming down.

  • After graduating a week ago I found the next 2 runs really hard (mentally and physically) but got back in the zone for the 3rd one and then today I managed to increase my distance to 4.25 km and increase my time to 32.30 minutes. This is the first time I've managed to crack the 4 km mark and I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself and hoping that I'll meet my quest of running 5 km by mid December.

  • I've had a grotty cold and haven't been out so much but am getting over it now so really looking forward to a nice run soon. Hopefully something to report towards my goals next week.

  • I am struggling to keep running at the moment. I am having trouble with my iron levels and that is making running very hard. I am on another different course of tablets. I am beginning to pick up. So I managed to have a run today. I only managed 2.5 km broken up but it's better than nothing and I am hoping that I will now be well enough to run 3 times a week. I feel like I have turned a corner and now I can understand what has been my sticking point ever since I started learning to run. So hopefully things will just get better and better as my levels come up. I will just have to be very careful not to overdo it as they do.

  • Really sorry that you're struggling. I'm glad you are picking up. Be careful with turning corners - you could end up going round in circles. No seriously having inspired us so much I'm sure you have all our good wishes. :) :)

  • Thank you. I know there has to be more of these quests after this one as I have to still get to my goal and that feels a long way off now. So win win I guess. I love the way everyone helps each other.

  • Please don't get disheartened. Maybe adjust your aim a little for this quest. I'm already looking forward to the next, not forgetting I've still a way to go. Yes this forum makes such a difference - the folk are so encouraging.

  • I've just revisited my quest & realise it was just to get back out there but in my head I had adjusted it to getting back up to 30mins by 14/15 Dec. I'm on track and reached 23mins on Saturday & at better pace than I had been doing on the 9 week course. Ankle is not completely comfortable but to be honest it's not hindering me. I am over the moon at the moment - I had began to think this wasn't for me. Thank you Rfc & having read the posts above, I'm actually thinking of manning up for the park run.

  • Didn't make Parkrun this week but still ran the distance locally on my own. I've had to use the treadmill at the gym twice this week because of the weather conditions and darker evenings and I haven't enjoyed it at all. However I am on track to meet my target of doing 4 Parkruns as I've got one planned for next weekend and then our C25K community one on the 14th Dec. My other target was to run 5k in 35 minutes - still a way to got with that target! However there may still be some hope as I did knock 16 seconds of my PB at my last parkrun so I'm down to 38:02. Perhaps I was a bit ambitious with that target!

  • Really struggling to make 5k in anywhere near 38 minutes or less. I did manage a good outside run of 5k on Saturday, but in 43:06. However, did manage a cracking last half km when I realised that if I hurry up my pb can be beat - not quite unfortunately, but I really tried!

    My problem is that I can only run outside at the weekends, the rest of the week is the 'dreadmill' - the thought of 5km on that fills me with despair. :( I will make a concerted effort tomorrow.

  • Finally graduated for the 2nd time! [almost 12 months to the day since I last graduated] Am now concentrating on building up my speed. Have only been going out once a week [sunday mornings] - struggling to get out on the dark nights. That said, this weekend I ran 3.86 km in 30 mins and am aiming to run again on Thursday [got a day off woo hoo!] and hopefully be nearer to 4 km mark by the time I go out again on Sunday. Great reading where everyone is with their goals - good to have something to focus on! Happy running all ;0)

  • Well had to hunt for this- as so many other post since yesterday.

    Weight loss - de nada - Have given myself a stern talking to

    12 k distance - up to 10.5 aiming for 11 this weekend.

    Think I might have said 5k in 30 mins - ha ha ha ha- silly me!

  • You're doing brilliantly. :-) No weight loss for me either this week, but I did have a rather nice weekend away. ;-) However, being away also meant I went four days without running. :-O

  • The good news is that I ran 5.83km in 53 minutes which included my warm-up walk and quite a lot of cool-down :D Not fast, I know, but it was consistent running. Fingers crossed this continues!

  • It's been great reading how everyone is getting on with the Quest. :-) I'm not sure I checked in last week, as I had just started a new job and everything was upside down. My target is to run 10 miles per week, 60 miles by 14th December. That was going to include the Parkrun on that day but now I've found out I'll be working. :-( I have decided that I will do Parkrun the following Saturday, Dec. 21st, so if anyone else is up for doing that then I'd welcome the virtual company. ;-)

    My progress so far: in Week 1 I ran 16 miles (165% of target) :-D, in Week 2 it was 15 miles (150% of target), Week 3 (started new job with 6am starts and was also away for the weekend, excuses!) only 7 miles (74% of target). It's getting less every week! :-/ Hopefully it won't be a trend. I've only run once so far this week (3 miles) and am undecided whether to run today. Had many problems on my W6R3 run yesterday (see blog!) and am particularly concerned about my ankle, although it has been okay (wearing support) at work today. In total, I've covered 42 out of the 60 miles I planned to run, so I should be on target for that goal.

    Tomorrow I have a day off work which means I can go for a run in the daytime after a good night's rest. I will be doing W7R1 which I hope will go better than W6R3 did. Good luck fellow Questers. :-)

  • That sounds marvellous. You are well on track. Good luck with that ankle.

  • Hi there! Let me just check I have this right.. the quest is a 6 week program (2 weeks now..) where you set yourself a goal and try and achieve it by the 14/15th of December? If I'm right then is it too late to sign me up? I really need motivation to get back into running, and this sounds like just the thing! If I'm wrong then can someone please explain it to me? :)

  • You could set yourself a goal for the next 2 weeks. It might just help you get back out there but I'm really hoping Rfc will get back to you with news of the next Quest as well.

  • There will be another quest. I am hoping to announce some news on the the next weeks update to keep us all informed.

  • Did something to my calf about 12 days ago. Had a go at a run this morning but only managed about 8 minutes before I could really feel it, so thought that I'd better stop as I don't want to make it worse! This is pretty frustrating as I had felt that I had set an achievable goal of running at least twice a week and trying to make it to 5K. Obviously pride comes before a fall and it serves me right for being so ecstatic at Graduating!!!

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