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Christmas Holiday running spirit still here

 Christmas Holiday running spirit still here

Not running as much as I would like but I woke this morning and was 'desperate' to get out there. So at 0830 right after a cup of tea and looking after my 12 week old Pug pup, I dashed out into the cold but dry day.

As I was running I thought to myself. 'Good for you girl' you have still got it!'

I managed a respectable 8.7km.

Looking forward to a 1st of January run, weather permitting.

have fun all those who are still out there running over the Christmas period.

here is Holly my lovely puppy

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Well done! Lovely photo - Holly is so cute :-)


well done - a happy and positive post. I too am planning to be out new years day . cute Pug:-)


Hi! Holly is very cute!

Well done on your run! I ran today, first time since Christmas day Parkrun, did 5.7km, but is was very hard work! I've been back at work since 27th Dec, should be in the shower now as I have a train to catch ready for the first of three 12 hour / one 8 hour night shifts but the forum is more appealing, and the Christmas festiveness is a long distant memory!

Happy running in 2014! :-)


My goodness that's heavy duty hours. I admire you.


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