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Christmas Eve run

I headed out early this morning to begin my first run of week 5. If I had been at home there would have been no way I would have been able to run this morning because I live on the south coast and it has been hit bad by the storms with lots of the area flooded or covered in debris.

I underestimated how much tougher the three 5 minute runs would be compared to week 4 especially as my warm up walk was up a very steep hill and by the time I reached the top my calves were burning. I managed to complete all three runs whilst being blown along by the blustery gales and the occasional hail shower.

I have two more runs up here before I go home, the last one being the 20 minute run 3 on the day we leave. I am in two minds as to what to do with that run, attempt it early morning before I leave or wait until I arrive home and run in the evening? It's the better of two evils to be honest, the first will mean challenging hills, the second will mean being fatigued after a 7 hour car journey!

What to do?

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Tough one , I'd go for the latter , do it when you get home , because I hate hills ,


I'd go for the morning because I'd find a hundred perfectly valid excuses not to bother after a 7 hour journey. And when you've managed to crack 20 mins on hills you'll find you have much greater confidence to tackle the last few weeks. (In the unlikely event that the hills defeat you, at least you've tried and you'll be able to give it another go with fewer hills next week).


Do the hills and just go really slow :) my running buddy was diabolical and constantly putting them in my route but it helped my stamina so much!


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