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What a hard couple of weeks!

Not been able to get online for a few weeks due to internet problems at home but the running has been getting harder and harder. I finish WK6R3 on Wednesday on a bit of a low only managed to run for 24 mins and 10 secs then my legs just stopped and would not go on it left me feeling some what defeated. I decided this morning that I would not repeat WK6R3 as I only had 50sec to go and moved on to WK7R1 and OMG I ran for the whole 25 mins and even managed to go faster for the last 60 secs of the run I am so happy.

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Well done you! I have found each week and run hard going but the proof is you are improving with every step. I have found the last few minutes of the 25 minute run to be very slow but have managed to just keep going. You should be happy! Its an achievement - enjoy it :)


Well done - it's so frustrating when you just stop!! You've reaped the benefit of looking at things in a positive light tho'. Godd luck for the restof the programme.


It's a great feeling when you crack the 25 min run Congratulations Well done for getting back out there after a run that didn't go as well as you hoped -- remember no such thing as a bad run There seems to be quite a few of you all about same stage so looks like big graduations party on the horizon


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