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Anyone use a fitbit or a misfit shine ?

I'm seeing a lot of discussion of the garmin products, but dh has suggested getting me a fitbit flex or a misfit shine. Anyone out there have any experience of either? I like the idea that fitbit can sync with a bunch of stuff. As an android user, I'm less convinced by the shine as I'd have to sync it with dh's iPad, but it is very pretty and can go swimming as well as running!

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I've used Fitbit flex for about 6 months now, I like the fact it keeps me motivated and it integrates well with other app such as MyFitnessPal and Nike amongst others.

There are quite a few of us using Fitbit now, we have a dedicated group within the Fitbit Community if you decide to get one.


Chose your fitbit carefully. I got a fitbit one and loved it buts it's small and easy to lose (as I have done) and it's not cheap to replace. I'm currently waiting for the fitbit force to be launched which I understand is in January for the UK. I figure it's less easy to lose something that's around your wrist and the functionality looks much better than the Flex.


I have been using a fitbit flex for a couple of months and find it very useful for the running and stuff. Particularly like the sleep tracker as I have always had trouble sleeping. It turns out that I average just less than five hours a night which I think is quite accurate.

I also swim with the flex and have experienced no problems with it (so far). IMO its a reasonable bit of kit and I will probably upgrade to the fitbit force when its released in the UK early next year. HTH


Thanks to those who replied. My birthday is in February, so I think I'm going to hang off and get a Fitbit Force once its out - though still mighty tempted by the prettiness of the Shine its too locked in to apple-world for my real liking !


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