The Xmas quest week 1

Hi all and welcome to our first Quest.

There has been a great response and I thought the way forward was to make a list of the people who have pledged a quest.

Then every week I shall start a post on Monday were we can all have a chat. I am going to put it under couch to 5k+ so eventually it will be easier to find. I have asked the web people if they can help with making it easier to find but so far I have not had a response.

Please bear with me if I make any mistakes as I am not used to doing this sort of thing.

I am listing the order from the last post, it seemed the best way to log everybody.






















Him treacly


















Oh and me realfoodieclub.

Good luck everybody and happy running.

Still time for anyone else as well, we are all about being inclusive.


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62 Replies

  • Well I've already done it! my target was to do a 10 km run which I managed on Friday night. So I suppose my new target is to get my 10k time between 1:00 and 1:01 (it was 1:06 on Friday night).

  • Well done on 10km run and good for you for making another target. Fantastic time already.

  • I'm already getting stuck into this too. I've just completed my week 10 so I'm still only a newbie.

    My goal is to run 3 x a week. Managed that so far one week after graduating, lol.

    The first 2 runs of 30 mins see me cover 3.5ish k so I'm working on speeding that up and running further.

    I think I might do something different on the 3rd which I tried yesterday.

    I pushed myself to the 5k and will work on bringing my time down. Yesterday saw me cover 5k in just under 38 mins. Now I don't think that's too shabby for a newbie runner.

    But I will work towards 5k in 30 mins for our Xmas goal.

    Thanks again for doing this RFC. I love having structure and goals to achieve.

    Good luck to you and everyone else too. :)

  • Since my cold I've managed two runs - stamina on Saturday and a run from week 1 of bridge to 10K today. That was 4x10 minutes with a minute walk in between. I did 3 of those before I got ill, so I think I'll move on to week 2 for my next run on Wed. Good to have this motivation of logging what I'm doing.

  • Thanks Rfc, really appreciate your organising this. My goal is to do as many Parkruns as I can (running or volunteering) to keep my motivation up - unfortunately (or fortunately because I was having a very lovely time) this first Saturday I couldn't as I was away in a nice hotel eating my way through a breakfast buffet. :-) I did however order and receive some snazzy new keyring barcodes this week (my old laminated one refused to scan last time) so I'm all set, this Saturday there will be no excuses I PROMISE myself I will run rain or shine. Best wishes to everyone else with their goals!

  • Can i join as well? i am at the start of week 7 and am going well, i ran 3.68km in 28 mins last run so think i have the potential to be able to run the 5km in 30 mins by Christmas, what a great Christmas present that would be to myself!

    and i want to add a bit of international flavour to the mix although i am from Devon for the last 10 years my home is the the top end of Australlia - Darwin, where it is so hot and humid at the moment i have my alarm set for 5.30am for tommorrow morning and aim to be out at 5.45am running round my local sports field, even at that early stage of the day i have sweat running down my face! hard to imagine all of you over there rugged up!

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  • Ok , I'm plucking up courage as I need something to keep me going as I've just finished C25K. So, I think my goal is to get in at least 2 runs a week and aim to run 5K. I'm not going to worry about the time, just the 5K bit. I'm trying out the C25K+ podcasts to try and build up a bit of speed and stamina.

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  • Hi there,

    This sounds interesting and a good bit of motivation which can be lacking in the cold, dark days before Christmas! Can you tell me what it's all about, please? And can I join in if it's not too late?

  • Me too, please. *waves to Soozz*

  • Ah, found the original thread:

    I like the idea of doing a Parkrun on 14th December. It would be nice to think that a bunch of us c25kers could all do that on the same day. :-) Could we add this as an 'opt-in' goal for everyone (who wants to do/can get to a Parkrun) so people can add their name if they're interested?

    As a personal goal, there's so many to choose from! I want to keep running at least three times per week. By December, I'd like to be running 5K at least three times a week (9.3 miles/week). Ideally I want to run 5 times per week, but that isn't always practical with other commitments and weather getting in the way. So I guess a good goal might be to run 10 miles per week, which is 60 miles in total, starting from the Saturday just gone. I think I've just set my goals!

    1) Run 10+ miles per week

    2) Run 60+ miles by 14th December

    3) Do a Parkrun on 14th December

    Thanks for the great idea Rfc. :-) I feel like going out for a run now... if only I hadn't just come back from one an hour ago! :-/

  • Woohoo, Legion!

    Love the idea. Will mull over what my goals are this evening and declare them tomorrow! Still haven't done a Parkrun ( although I have a barcode) but will be happy to run with you guys on 14 December. X

  • I've got a barcode... somewhere. Haven't used it, although I did go to one Parkrun and do about half (before graduation). It's a bit of a trek to any Parkruns from here but I figure it's worth the journey for this. :-)

  • Having thought about this overnight, my aim is to run 3 times a week - or if for some reason e.g. ice, running's out of the question, I'll go an equivalent distance on the exercise bike. 1 distance run, 1 to try and boost my snail-like pace, and 1 to up my stamina by doing either hills or fartlek training. I have also sign up for the November Running Bug no excuses challenge, ( which I can recommend! And of course Parkrun on 14th December - we should all wear our C25k graduate t-shirts if we have them! Who knows who we might meet?

    Rfc, you are a genius for coming up with this!

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  • hi rfc, please can i join? i managed 5k last night for first time since graduating 3 weeks ago. finished to an explosion of fireworks in the sky, so felt like real celebration! but time is slow, 41.40 so want to work on bringing this down. my aim is to be sub 37 mins by the deadline. thanks road-runner x

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  • Legion, that's a nice idea, I've been toying with my first Park Run in December too. The one thing that puts me off is travelling home on the bus afterwards all sweaty and red! Not sure if you can get changed at the end?

  • Most places seem to have a cafe/toilets Parkrunners can use so you should be able to change. I'm no expert though. I've only been to one once (before I graduated) and only did half of it. :-/ It seems like an appropriate way to celebrate and a good reason to go and do a proper Parkrun. :-)

  • I'm IN! My aim is 5k in 30 min - or less and to do the Jingle Jog on Sunday 15th (5k). If I am feeling good, and you promise not to tell Laura, I'll have a go at a parkrun on Saturday 14th too!

    Today I did 'speed' and felt ROUGH. But ran faster for longer... So in baby steps I am getting better. I am doing speed as my first run of the week as It is shorter in time (25 mins) so easier to squeeze into my busier days.

    What is 10 miles in km - 16? 16 whole ones? X

  • Computer says 16.09344km. In other words OVER 16km! If you've run that I take my hat off to you!!

    By the way I've just tried out Speed today as it was the shortest....strangely enjoyed it!

  • Please can I join in too - like a few others I'm going to set myself two goals:

    1. Distance goal - Run 5 miles (thought it would be a good distance to aim for, rather than push for a whole 10k before Christmas).

    2. Speed goal - 5k in less than 35 minutes

    Thank you rfc! This is a great idea - I've had these goals in my head, but by putting it out here I think it will really give me more of a focus.

    Good luck everyone!

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  • Sorry should be onboard spellchecker

  • I managed 9 km yesterday but did do it in 2 runs. Was fed up in the afternoon so went for a second, naughty I know. As for 5k in 30 mins, I am going to run for 30 mins a couple of times a week and I think I'll have a go at the speed podcast. Thanks rfc for doing this. I'll check my diary and try and everyone on the parking on the 14 th.

    Viki :-)

  • Scores on the door:

    10k in an hour - knocked 4.5 mins off my time on sunday - so now sitting at 75 mins.

    weight - lost half a pound

    I think the other was run 7 miles - well i have signed up for the cockinton caper on 7 dec a 7 mile cross county run - with lots of hills - consider this work in progress.

    Fantastic response RFC- well done for giving us all a spur.

  • A big thank you for setting this up RFC.

    I set myself two goals, to complete at least 4 parkruns between now and 14th Dec and to run 5k in 35minutes. My current PB is 38.18 so I need to push myself a bit more.

    I did a park run on Saturday so that's one down, 3 to go.

    However I was 52 secs slower than my previous time - disappointing but I will keep trying. I have ear marked the 14th for a definite parkrun.

  • Can I join too? Just the one goal - to run 5k in 38 minutes or less. Managed it in 42:22 minutes on Saturday, knocking over 2 minutes off my previous effort. I hope I'm not setting myself up for failure!

    The nearest Parkrun to me is quite a distance away, but will consider joining in on 14 December.

  • Just realised that my last comment is not in the spirit of this quest. So change that to 'I will be joining in on the parkrun on 14 December!'

  • That's the spirit welcome onboard your name has been added

  • Well it's so good to see you all here and welcome to the newest members. Confession time from me. I started this post after a terrible run last week. I thought I was losing my mojo. As it happened I was getting an almighty sore throat and head cold. That has gone a little bit so I set off for my run today. 5km park run is my goal. I managed 2.7 km with a 5 min walk inbetween. Worse run I have had for ages. But I am going to be a bit easy on myself and say its a starting point and if I don't bring the cold back by over doing it I should be back up to full strength soon. Good luck everybody.

  • Glad to hear you are being easy on yourself... Probably used up a whole load of energy setting up this Quest :)

    Take care of yourself and sure you will be getting back up to speed soon.

  • Thanks I hope so. It's so nice to see every bodies goals and feel like we are all in it together.

  • isn't it annoying when you are all keen to run but start feeling like you are going down with something? i was really looking forward to my week 7 number 1 run this morning and had all my gear set out last night to go but thought i was going down with something and yup had a dreadful night now am in bed with aching bones and shivers, trying to rest today so i can get back to my running!!! i never thought i would be writing that 3 months ago!! well done for all your hard work re quest, hope you are looking after yourself x

  • Can I join in too? I had a shocking run on Sunday and almost lost the running bug but I've been out tonight under the stars and felt much, much better.

    My goals are:

    1) To be able to put something in the media pocket in my new running tracksters and it not look like I have a spare limb growing there...

    2) To run 5k in 40 minutes or less - the whole 5k, without walking for bits of it like I'm doing at the moment

    3) To keep enjoying the running and not get too hung up on the goals/distance/progress I'm making.

    I'll pencil in the Parkrun for 14 December!

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  • I have been putting off the Parkrun since the end of September when I 'graduated'. I will now aim to do at least two by Dec 14th - that is a big big big goal.....

    This morning I ended up on the treadmill because of rain and wind, did not enjoy it at all, I want to be out in the fresh air.

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  • Please add me to the list of members. I have been considering my targets and now put them out there for all to see - and celebrate with me when they are achieved!

    # to run 3 times a week up until Christmas

    # To run 5k -I don't care how long it takes but it has to be a 5k run (I have managed 4k once

    #. To join the parkrun on 14 December

    If I achieve all of those as well as changing jobs temporarily then I will be super proud!

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  • Remember your club for Parkrun is 'NHS Couch to 5k' and then your results get posted on this site.

    Be fab if there is a super long list for 14th December!

  • Thank you, I didn't realise I had a club I could put down - I'll remember for my next park run.

  • If you go online to your parkrun profile, you can add it there (I think!)

  • Oh, how exciting I think I now have to set a date and commit to a Park Run. The 14th December is looking promising!

    In the spirit of mixing up my runs I went for duration this morning and managed 38 minutes. Will try the speed podcast in Wednesday.

  • Hi! This is a great idea - can you put me down for this as well? This is my second time at C25K and I'm about to start wk9. Reading through everyone's responses I think I'd like to get to run 5k in 30 mins by Xmas. Yesterday on my last Wk8 run, I did 3.61km in 28 mins, so I think this would be a fair target and I will definitely give it a go!

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  • My goal from now to new year is just get out and run. Been doing lots of rosemary conley classes and did a three hour sweatfest yesterday in morecambe ... so going to get out once a week at least ... don't do high mileage ... 2 or 3 miles. Graduated a while back. So, can you add me to your list please, many thanks.

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  • Please add me as well! My mojo has slipped a bit (the stupid cold that has been lurking around for a few weeks isn't helping) and I struggled a bit on Sunday. Just found it really hard to get into things. Am trying to increase distance without worrying too much about speed just yet so aiming for 3 x 5k in the weekday evenings and up to 10k for Saturday or Sunday. Also will go for the local parkrun on the 14th December!

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  • Thanks for this and could you add me as well. Great idea as I am missing the structure, having just graduated. My goals are to run at least twice per week, and like Mothergoose to reach 5K in 30 minutes.

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  • Thought I'd already posted this but hopefully my running is better than my memory.

    I'm aiming for a half-marathon and completed a 10 miler at the weekend and shaved a minute off a hill climb towards the 1st half of the run. Felt pretty good up to the 8 mile mark then running low on energy although legs felt OK, so am looking for advice on ways of boosting my energy during a longer run. Tips welcome.

  • Stick me down for this - got as far as W5R3 in the summer then did my calf in the last 20 yards of the run; need to get back into this and this IS the way!

    good luck all

  • Remember if your still on the program stick to all the recommendations especially if your coming back after recovery. Your name has been added welcome onboard.

  • I don't remember what my goal was, but I think it was something to do with speed/pace!

    I ran on Tuesday and bluefin usually says my pace is around the 7min mark, but on Tuesday I was 6:45 or something, I did have to keep running on the spot so my walking boyfriend could catch up though, but that can't affect it?! I can't have got that fast that quick?!

  • Also I think it was to drop a dress size, our work Christmas do is on the 7th and I need a smart dress from somewhere that shows off the new slimmer figure that's hopefully a 10 or a 12!!

  • I have just caught up with this! Great idea- please can I join? I want to run for 60 mins (not sure this is possible!) thank you

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  • I've been on holiday and didn't get chance to run all week, but I'm back now and ready to get stuck into my new target of 5k in 32 mins. Good luck everyone!

  • Just had to check back to find my goal! The first week I did not manage anything :( but this weekend I did two runs (following advice to make use of the daylight hours), I'm hoping to squeeze in another run today or Thursday but we'll see. Good luck to everyone out there.

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