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Have finally discovered Laura!

I am so dumb! It appears that seven weeks ago I downloaded an alternative version of Couch to 5K rather than the NHS one. I have just listened to the NHS version and finally realise who this Laura is that everyone keeps talking about. Her plan seems a little different to the one I've been following, with more advice about changing pace etcetera so I aim to do W8R1 tomorrow with my new personal trainer. Will post the results. Maybe they'll be spectacular. Maybe the shortcomings of the pirated version are what have been holding me back!

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Well you've found her now, which is the important thing. Just do everything she tells you, hang onto her every word, put up with the often terrible music, and she will get you to the finish line. She will tell you when to stop, start etc, gentle words of encouragement and tips

Put yourself in her capable hands and you'll be a graduate very shortly


I've been listening to an American lady who basically says 'Run now, Walk now. You've finished'. The plus side was that I could listen to my own music!


She's not saying much on the week 8 podcast, there was a bit more going on in the earlier weeks (and the music was better).


Maybe I should listen to her earlier podcasts in bed and find out what I've missed. Or maybe I should start all over again? :-(


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