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And that's week 4 completed!

This week has really boosted my confidence. After having to repeat day 2 of week 3 I felt like I was really going to struggle with the five minute runs in week 4, but I've gone through this week with barely an issue.

In fact, I even tried different ways of testing myself after a really easy first run! I picked up the pace on my second run (which I did feel in the legs by the end) and this time I started my first 3 minute run going uphill just to give me the extra challenge. And I even had the strength and stamina to keep a good pace going through my final five minute run!

After this week it no longer feels like 30 minutes is an unattainable truly feels like I'm on the right path to hit that marker (eventually, of course, I have the 20 minute milestone at the end of next week to handle first!).

But one of the best things about this week was that some of my friends started the programme, too, thanks to me talking about it incessantly!

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Im a week five lass and have that dreaded 20 minute run as my next 'outing'! lol! It was week 4 when i started to think this whole, 5k malarky is do-able too, so I know exactly what you mean! Well done! Onwards and upwards eh? Run 3 is gonna have to wait til Monday though as Im away all weekend. I keep chuckling to myself at the thought that I am actually peeved that I can't have my weekend run! Oh how far i have come in just 5 short weeks...!


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