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W8 struggling to complete each run

I'm struggling a bit now. Seem to have a psychological barrier just after half way. I changed my route for run3 to a circuit rather than out and back. I thought it might help, and it did. But got to 23 mins and had to cross the road and the lights were against me. On the other side of the road was soft grass which I found hard going. Just lost my rhythm and gave up after 25-26 mins. Walked to the path and did a bit more, so probably managed a bit over 28 mins in total, but I just can't do it without a little walk at some stage. I'm not beating myself up over it, because I'm out there doing the exercise, but I've lost my way a bit on the programme. Managed about 3.7 km actual running.

I'll keep on trucking.

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Don't worry about the distance, just do the time. Changes to your route can make a difference and also having to concentrate on roads, traffic lights, grass etc. Unless your old route is annoying you, treat it as a comfort as you know how far to go before turning back. There is a joy at seeing the finish line where you started.

I have found the mental challenge far more difficult to deal with than the physical challenge of just going to the end of the podcast. even now having graduated back in july I keep saying the devil monkey on my shoulder just will not leave me.

Good luck and just a few more runs to graduation and you can then be so proud of yourself.


I did W8R1 today and those extra 3 minutes were noticeable. I didn't think they'd make any difference after doing 4 25 minute runs, but they did. I managed to battle on to the end though thanks to Paolo on the iPod!

Are you still running to the podcasts? I'm using my own playlists and I know I couldn't cope mentally with Laura's timechecks any more, they would definitely demoralise me. Worth trying a run with your own music if you haven't done so so far.

Keep battling on. You are doing really well. Just think how much more running you are doing than in Week 1! And you are covering more distance than me ...


I know what you mean Hennith. On the week 8 podcast Laura says something like 'you're half way. That's 14 minutes done with now' - Like the 14 minutes have been a real pain. Makes you feel down even if they've gone well. It could be a lot more positive.....But it has got me this far.


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