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Garmin FR 110 battery life?

Anyone else had problems with the battery discharging itself between use? The last couple of times I've switched it on for a run, it's either refused to start or shown the 'low battery' warning. Just tested it now and, yet again despite a full recharge yesterday, it's run down which means another delayed run. (Or a run without it of course).

I bought it last December and it's been regularly used (although not the heart monitor) but it shouldn't need replacing yet surely? I've send a service request to Garmin through the support site but if anyone has any suggestions or solutions, I'd be grateful. :-)

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Had similar issues with the 220, one of the reasons I sent it back. I tried switching it off straight after charging, but that didn't always work.


What do you mean by "switching off"? I had this problem until I discovered "shutdown" mode (eventually I decided to RTFM).

to shutdown :-

1) press "lighr" button (top left) for a few seconds

2) press "lap/reset" button (bottom right)to say yes to shutdown

3) press "page/menu" button (bottom left) to OK shutdown

4) press "light" button for a few seconds to bring the 110 back to life when you want to use it.

I recharge after every run - then shutdown the 110. Bit ridiculous when the battery in my £10 radio control digital watch has lasted for 3 years so far


I used to leave it in 'standby' mode as it should have enough charge to last over a week if used 2-3 times a week but then it would run down and stop half way through, or not have enough power to find the satellite, so I began recharging after every use. I also shutdown once recharged but sometimes it switches itself straight back on again! Can take several attempts for it to actually shut down.

If I was running marathons several times a week, I could understand it, but not just for my short runs... ;-)


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