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New to the site, just completed Week 3

I've been browsing this site since I started the programme (mostly to convince myself that, no, I'm not alone when I find it difficult!) but I figured I should join and post about my runs here instead of spamming my facebook friends.

I did try at first with no advice and random trainers and it went disastrously wrong-I couldn't recover my breath after the one minute runs and halfway through the podcast I had to give in and walk home.

That's when I discovered this forum and realised that reducing my speed was necessary to make it through the runs and a decent pair of shoes were a good idea to stop my legs from hurting. One trip to Sports Direct later (with a very good sales assistant who really helped me pick a good pair of shoes that were 70% off) I sucked it up and tried again and sailed through Week 1 Run 1 with ease.

Run 2 didn't go quite so well but I've found that's been a common theme for me! I do the first run fine, REALLY struggle with the second and then manage the third! I think I get overconfident after the first run and go too fast on the second!

The only bump in the road I've really had, though, was the 2nd run of week 3 which I had to repeat. I got about 2 mins and 30 seconds through the final run but just couldn't push the final 30 seconds out as I felt like I couldn't breathe.

But I repeated the run, slowed it right down and managed to complete the week with my 3rd (4th???) run tonight.

To be honest, Week 4 looks REALLY intimidating...but I shall just have to trust the programme! And remember to go REALLY slowly!

But since this is the first time I've ever really tried to be active (they couldn't even really get me to do PE in school 15 years ago) I'm really pleased with the progress I've made so far. And even if I struggle with Week 4 I'm going to keep pushing myself to get through it! I'm too stubborn to not complete this programme now that I've started!

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Hi there, this is my first post here: I'm a week behind you as I am about to start week 3 (Next run due on Saturday). I'm another one that has never done any exercise and can't quite believe I'm doing this, lol. But so far I am really enjoying it - and running very very slowly. Can't believe I'll be running for 5 mins the week after next, let alone the end goal of 30, but very much taking it a run at a time.

I definitely couldn't do it with out the podcasts.


Yeah, I came across the podcasts after some people I know online started blogging about them. And seeing them have success with them gave me the push to try them myself. They really are great!

If someone had told me a month ago that I would be able to run for three minutes I would have laughed at them so hard I would have probably keeled over at the strain!

Good luck with Week 3!


Good Luck you are doing really well


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