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10kms.... TICK!!!!

What a weekend it's been. I got home from work on Friday evening and got changed to go out for a run as soon as Mrs Narmour got home herself to relieve me of Narmour jnr. Having suffered from chafey nips in the past, I was keen to try some preventative measures so I dug out an old rash vest from my tropical SCUBA diving days. They are designed to prevent nipple rubbing in surfers so I figured it would do the same job. I'm happy to report that they work perfectly, no chafage at all and no stinging when the hot water of the shower hits them!!

So I set out on my usual route round the town and then along the seafront. My wife's Garmin FR10 was accompanying me, but was being a pain as it didn't register any satellites until at least 15 minutes after leaving the house! my tactic for extending my runs has been to veer off the course and run down a side street and then back up to the main road again, so that if I tire, I am not miles away from the house and I can just do my normal run to get home again. So I did several of these diversions along the way, and before I knew it I was at 5k (at the point I would normally be at 2.5). I figured that if I was at the normal halfway point, all I had to do was to extend the second half by as much as the first and I had achieved my goal. It was much harder on the 2nd half as there weren't as many side streets along the seafront. Once I got to the beach carpark I started zigzagging through the estate next to it and runnning round blocks to gain a bit of distance. When I came back up onto the main road, my watch was reading an hour and 9.15kms. I figured the extra distance from the first period of running when the watch was trying to find satellites would make it up to 10k. At this stage my knee was screaming at me that it had had enough so I listened, although I did try and hobble a little further. when I got home, I checked on Garmin connect and the little bit at the start took me to 10.01kms. At my average pace of 6.35mins/km, that makes a 10k time of 1:06 which I'm overjoyed with. This was the first time I have run without music as well, and I think not having a variable influence on my pace allowed me to control my pacing more closely, and thus make a further distance.

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Fantastic Narmour - well done and a great time too!

I also have to keep veering off around housing estates, trading estates - anywhere that'll give me a bit more distance without taking me miles away from home. It's a nuisance but - it works!


Well done. I do the same thing, works for me too!


Really well done you - a fantastic achievement. Game on - i am looking for that 10 k in an hour challenge


Nice one Narmour. Keep finding new targets, they keep the buzz going. Looking at posts and my own experience, I think there might have been some issues with satellites over the last day or two. Enjoy your running.


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