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App that tells you how many beats pm tunes have?

I'm two weeks post grad and finding it tough - missed two runs this week for pathetic reasons - hurricane winds,, driving horizontal rain, that sort of thing. Just done 5.6 k and am drenched. But anyway. I have lots of nice tunes on my little iPod but don't know the beat count of them. Is there some app out there that will tell me so I can put together my own running tracks?

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This one?

I know there was a site mentioned on here several months ago, I think it may be jog fm, not sure though. Don't have a fancy phone so can't tell you if it's any good.

Yep, clicked on 'music' and it looks familiar. I don't know how easy it will be to look up specific songs though.....


Thanks Beads. That's a good site - I guess I could do it that way round. I'm sure there must be some app though that when you play a tune simply counts the beats for you!

It's fine and dry now - wish I'd postponed my run til this afternoon!


I have used Mixmeister bpm Analyzer which works through any songs it finds in your computer's directories.

No longer available on the Mixmeister site, but it can still be found here

Didn't work with all files for me, but managed most.


Thanks for this. It's downloaded and sitting in my apps file looking pretty (I have a mac). Not quite sure how to use it though! Any help appreciated.


PS I found a youtube video at

but my programme doesn't have the buttons underneath the orange mixmeister line - so nothing to press to import. Or am I just being stupid?


Solved! According to

it's drag and drop! And it seems to work. Barbara Ann is a stonking 155 BPM - that'll do…!

(just done a body attack class as it's my 'rest day' - ha ha - can hardly move now…)


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