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week 7 = DONE!

so another week bites the dust. I think this was a good run for me, the only downside was getting a bit bored (i need to adjust my route).

lauras comment on the first 5mins was about 100m before i remember it happening on the r2. I thought i was going faster so that was a blow, but it made me up my pace - my overall speed was better and more consistant (all 1km splits under 7mins a km) and once again I was just shy of 4k so I ran more to make it up... and did it a minute faster than last run!

chuffed with 4k in 26.47, but as my k's are averaging about 6.4mins... it seems like i'm not quite going to make a 30 min 5k but sooooo close!

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Hurray! Hurray! Well done you! Sounds like you're running well and I'm sure that you won't be far off 5K by the time you finish. I've just completed C25K but am not yet up to 5K in the 30 mins. I'm looking forward to 5K+ to start getting a bit of speed and more stamina. I think I have been going quite slowly as I have been really fixed on completing the running time and not stopping because I had exhausted myself.

Good Luck!


Great stuff Rey! Almost there.....


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