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Is anyone experiencing issues with the c25k app?

Hi everyone,

So, I set out for my W5R1 this evening. Was looking forward to using the new c25k app and being able to play my own music

I set off, and the music stopped whilst Laura spoke and then started up again when she had finished speaking. 'Fab' I thought. I finished the warm up and the first 5min run. Laura began to speak to introduce the 3min walk. And then...nothing. zilch. Nada. Rien. As it was the walking bit, I tried to fiddle around with my phone to get the music to work by pressing play, then pause, then play again, but had no joy. Laura's voice then came back and told me it was time to start running again. Didn't want to have it interrupted by faffing about with the phone, so just carried on going with no music for the remaining 17mins. It made it quite hard going, as I was suddenly very aware of my breathing, and time just seemed to drag.

I've sent an email to the support team to let them know of the issue, but I just wondered if anyone else had experienced it? I'm really worried it's going to happens again, so am thinking of resorting back to the podcasts - Laura's music is dreadful, but it's better than no music at all, and I have the dreaded 20min run on Thursday that I'm really going to need music for!

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Can't help with the tech issue but where do I find the updated ap where I can play my own music? Ta!


I went to the App Store on my iphone and searched for 'change 4 life couch to 5k' and it came up :)


My music just didn't really stop so could hardly hear Laura :/


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