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Broken headphones...ruined run!

So annoyed!

Set out this afternoon to do Week Six Run Two. Last time I tried this one I failed miserably. Set out today feeling pretty good, fairly confident...and then my headphones broke.

I cannot run without the help from Laura on the podcasts telling me my intervals, and congratulating me along the way....and definitely can't run without music! I don't have a watch to time myself either, and I know I'd lose motivation too quickly.

So so so annoyed! Got home now and can't find any headphones that work, and the interval training thing on my phone has no music!

Any tips on good headphones? Ones that go over the head or ear phones...(just not the ear hook ones, as I wasted my money on those and they don't even fit my teeny ears!

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How frustrating for you. I use the ones that plug into the ear as I find the ones that hang over the top of the ear bounce around too much.


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