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I have just got up to 30 mins and have been having pain in my hip...the same side as I had pain in the outer thigh and the knee before that, the shin before that...ok I was finally spotting a pattern. Off I trundled to osteopath and she said that I have a twisted pelvis...I had it before when my son was small. But the wonderful news is that my joints..hips and knees are good...I am really relieved by this as I had stills disease...child dead chuffed. She worked on the muscles in that hip and it seemed to release...boy it hurt, but it felt better after. Then told me to carry on running, warning me that I would be sore.

I started running next morning (yesterday), after 4 mins it was painful again. But I carried on because it was only muscular...time I got home I could barely walk and spent that afternoon in bed, having gone into work in the morning and the muscles went into spasm.

So I am well and truly grumpy now because I am due to run again tomorrow morning but it still hurts....not like it did yesterday but I am still uncomfortable walking on it. I am seeing osteo again on Tuesday...the only day she works locally, but I am away for the weekend anyway. So I am now not sure whether to run over the weekend or not....due to run tomorrow morning and Monday morning...any thoughts?

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If it's painful then it's probably better to rest it until you've seen your osteopath again and can get her advice. Running is generally thought to be good for the bones so it's great that's she's encouraged you to keep it up. I'm sure she wouldn't expect you to run in pain though. I often find that pains ease once I start running, but it doesn't sound as though yours did. Rather than risk making it worse, just skip a couple of runs if it's still hurting and then get her advice. If she thinks it's still doing you good, and you can control the pain, then you can take it from there. At least you won't risk making it worse (and lengthening the recovery period) in the meantime. Remember pain is there to tell us something, so if running makes it worse then you need to take heed. Best of luck. :-)


Thanks legion. I did suspect that this would be the best course of action...but I didn't want to wimp out...and my next run is my graduation! But no point graduating if I make it worse I guess. I will skip tomorrow morning but take my gear with me,...then if it feels ok I can always run once during the weekend.

I really really appreciate your advice...thanks x


That sounds like a sensible course of action. You want to enjoy your graduation run, not suffer it. Hope you feel better soon. I'll look forward to seeing your graduation post in due course. :-)


I have just had 11days off running w6 adter run 2 due to pain in front of hip. When I started running pain would go then after run come back with avengance. Pain free this morning so I set off not knowing if w6 run 3 was doable after break. It was and so much better without the pain and felt comfortable.

I guess what I'm trying to say is a rest is not necessarily a bad thing and didn't effect my stamina X


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