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First Post for a while

Been house sitting with 14 year old granddaughter while son and wife in Vegas, lucky beggars, anyway haven't been out running since June when I dislocated my shoulder. Did a few early morning walks in Lanzarote, couldn't resist a little jog down the hills with the sea breeze, lovely. As son lives by the race course decided to go out one morning and have a go so started at week 4. I was slow but managed it. I will hopefully pick up gradually. Back home now so will go out and have another go

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I hope your shoulder is better now. Niggly things like this are sent to try us, but we won't give up. ;-) I really enjoyed my W1R1 today and think I have made the right decision to start over. I can't wait for W1R2 now, just like the good old days. :-/ I look forward to hearing about your next run. Good luck. :-)


Good news your on the mend. You will be back into your jogging routine in no time at all. very pleased for you.


Was shocked to see you last posted in June ! Scary how time flies (now I sound old) - glad you are back with us.


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