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break the cabin fever !!!

I haven't been able to get out and run this week as i've had a poorly little girl at home.I did a run on the treadmill and released some energy but but by today cabin fever had really set in and i had to find release!! So when hubby got home from work i asked him to drive me a good 5k away from home and let me run for it. It was my first run in the dark but i was equipped with my new pink high vis, vest and ran on mostly well lit and public roads i didn't feel unsafe in the least.I think it was probably one of my best runs in pace even though i had to brisk walk twice for a few secs. before running again. All in all i feel so much better now and revved up for my Sunday morning run which i might just try push a little further:)

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Ha ha, letting your inner homing-pigeon come to the surface! I know what you mean - nothing like being cooped up with a poorly child to make you go mad. I also ran in the dark last night, for the first time. It was accidental really, started out much later than ideal as hadn't felt well enough to run all day, in evening had to escort child back to school for open evening, so just decided to run on after that. It was really good - did 4.5 k in what felt like a short run. Actually 40 mins, so no records broken but it at least proved I could still run even if I'd felt rubbish all day!

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It's another hurdle jumped isn't it annasee, no stopping us lol:)


oh brave ones how I envy you . I cannot bring myself to run outdoors yet...maybe its because we live in a rural area where things come flying around the corner at the speed of light..I use to think country living would be at a slower pace...not a bit of it. I wonder if I should venture out after dark like you guys??? I do have a treadmill plus a mini gym and am doing my best. But yearn for that freedom of running I just to enjoy so much many many moons ago.Any suggestions guys?


oops typo ...use to enjoy


why dont you give it a go spangle,there's nothing like running in the open air.i'll bet once you've tried it once there'll be no stopping you. If you're going out in the dark will you be on well lit roads?? if you run during the day as long as you are facing the oncoming traffic and are clearly visible there shouldn't be a problem. I find most drivers are quite courteous when i'm out running.I.d say give it a shot if you dont like it fine at least you gave it a go:)


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