Only 4.2k in 30 minutes

Yesterday I completed w9r2. I am managing to run for 30 minutes but just not very far. I've only managed 4.2k. I thought that I'd be closer to 5k by now. The problem is that I've signed up for a 5k run in 2 weeks time as I thought it would be achievable. And I've got over £1,000 in sponsorship, so can't drop out now! How do I improve my distance in such a short time?


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  • That's not too bad, many don't achieve 5K in 30 mins at the end of the programme, but a few weeks down the line running 3 times a week and you'll get there. You'd probably manage 5K in under 35 mins which is pretty good. The programme has got you running for 30 mins, I'm sure you'll be able to improve on that in the coming weeks.

  • Once you have managed 4.2 km another 800m is wee buns. Should only take another 5 minutes or so. Don't be tempted to try and speed up to get in under 30 minutes, that's the best way to exhaust yourself before the 5k mark and have to drop out. Just take it at your usual pace and plod on to the finish. Those who have sponsored you won't be claiming back their sponsorship if you don't make it over the line in 30 minutes!!

    Good luck with the event, let us know how it goes.

  • Agree with the others, you just want to keep going at this stage, don't worry about pace. You'll be surprised how much progress you can make in the next couple of weeks, but just keep a steady pace - you don't want to push too hard and get an injury. Good luck, let us know how you get on!

  • Wow that is still a good time. With the rush of the race and everyone around you I am sure you will fly through the final meters. And then you will of completed a 5k run, something you couldn't of done a few weeks ago. Good luck and enjoy it.

  • Thanks everyone! I'm glad to see that I'm not too slow in comparison to others. My current aim is sub 35 minutes for the race, so will see how it goes. I'm looking forward to next week and creating my own play lists to listen to - hoping that will give me a bit of a boost!

  • Wow Rachie thats amazing to raise £1000 in sponsorship - some cause is going to be very lucky and grateful that you took up the c25k. I hope the run goes well and whatever time you end up with will be right and will be just as good an achievement as the amount of sponsorship you've raised.

  • Just do not worry or get concerned - I did a 5k as my W9R1 and the fact that you just want to finish keeps you going past the 30mins running just stick at the same pace and you will achieve your goal of running 5k. It took me more than 30 mins and even now depending on the course my times vary - last week it took 41 mins, but I just keep going. You will run your 5k and be proud that you have kept going. Fantastic sponsorship and never think you are letting your sponsors down

  • That is a fantastic time.Dont stress about it,as 5km will be a breeze for you.well done

  • Remove the word 'only' from the title! It's a heck of an achievement. One that I can but dream of at the moment.

  • Thanks for all your support. I've now graduated (must apply for my badge) and have got up to 4.3k in 30 minutes. I hope that I'll be able to carry on for another 5 minutes to complete the 5k a week on Saturday. And then I can take it from there!

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