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3 months off but managed a decent run this morning. Very chuffed!

Well its my birthday today and although I have a couple years left until the big 40 I felt that I was getting more and more unfit over the last few weeks and wanted to do something about it. I havent been out running since July/August. I just sorted of fell out of the habit and desire to do it. The excuses came easily (ill go tomorrow etc) and then I was on holiday for 3 weeks in September. Plus I relocated at work back to a refurbished office I worked in last year which is another hours travel every day meant I would have to get up even earlier to run -so staying in bed was just easier. Yesterday I went upstairs to a meeting at work and it was embarrassing trying to hide I was out of breath just going up some steps. So this morning I got up whilst it was still dark and managed 20 minutes. Not that great but better than I thought. I toyed with starting week 1 again so to do 20 minutes was amazing! I think I could have managed 25 - 30 mins but I would have run out of time and space to do the walk down run. I am going to take it easy for the next week or so and just do maybe 20 mins and build myself back up to half an hour. A note to all those starting and progressing: if you think you might want to carry on with this DONT STOP. Getting back into this is torture and hard work. The first 5 minutes today were horrendous and I thought I was going to be sick. Keep going!

Happy running. x

P.S Its good to be back:)

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Happy Birthday! It's brilliant that you ran for 20 minutes having not run for so long - well done.

:) x


ooh it was hard. i thought i was going to be sick at first and the route i ran when i started this along the canal path is just too scary in the dark so i ran down the main road and all the way back. weirdly after the first 5 minutes it didnt feel too bad so my body must have remembered something! just have to keep going:)


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