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Not your usual recommendation - avoiding bad hair days

I actually quite like the way that a good run works up a sweat but don't like the way my hair gets all matted. Purely by chance I discovered that L'Oreal hairmix sublime shine spray seems to help keep it smooth and shiny. Sells for around £12 and lasts for ages.

OK this is not a top priority but I thought it worth sharing.

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I like to coat my hair in a deep-conditioner (stops all the fly-aways) and then wash it out in the shower afterwards. My hair gets a lovely treatment while I'm working out!


Great idea !


Oh my - I have to try this! My hair gets SO matted, it's horrible. I have it in a ponytail when I run but the "tail" is so long it still gets matted so now I use two hair bands - one in the normal place and one halfway down...*lol*

I will have to try this - thanks!


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