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Glad to be back on track!!

I haven't been doing my runs for about 4 weeks, possibly even longer the time has run away with me. I've been moving out and into uni (England to Scotland!) I've been here a couple of weeks now and have been a bit nervous to go out in my new surroundings, but I finally pushed myself! :)

The good news! I thought I wouldn't even be able to do the five minutes (I already did run 1) but didn't think I'd be ready to go on to run 2. I found it easier than when I first did it! Do you guys think it's a good idea to move on again or just do run 1 a couple of times before I start off on the longer runs?

I hope everyone's runs are going well! :)

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Hi secretlemon, good to see you are sticking with the running despite everything changing around you. I am not sure exactly which week you are on, but if you have completed any run, especially if fairly easily, then just move on to the next one. You should be fine.

I envy you your youth. I have only just discovered running at 57, but wish that I had done so many years ago. It will be something constant in your life, keeping you fit and well, through the years.

Good luck. Enjoy your running.


I'm only on week 5 but obviously the big old 20 minutes is coming up on run 3 which is why I'm a bit concerned since i haven't done anything in 4 weeks! Thank you for the advice, I'll move on to week 5 run 2 and then if I struggle I know to give myself a bit more time!

I envy you!! Haha how is working towards 10k? I think that's amazing and you should be very proud!! I wish I started getting fit earlier too I know I'm only 21 but, I think everyone in this situation does.


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