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3rd time lucky

Hi everyone I'm pleased to say I'm back . Had a dreadful time recently but now feel its time to start afresh .

For those of you who have read my posts before I'm sad to say I haven't run since early June .

My friend passed away in august and to be honest it has knocked me for six from diagnosis to the end 3 months in total dispite all the surgery and treatment . I was devastated and still feel very angry and sad.

But now it's time to pull my self together and do something for me so for the third time this year I am starting the programme again.

Wish me luck everyone I don't want to fail again

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Good luck x


Welcome back and good luck to you - running should help with all those negative emotions and give you something concentrate on. I hope that it goes well for you, you deserve it after what you have been through x


We will all be with you here. I had a huge break from C25K earlier this year when I lost my stepdad, but happy to say, it has been easier this time round and I find the sense of achievement and energy it gives me has a really positive affect on my life. Hoping you will find that too. This is something good for you , after all you've been through.


Thank you w1r1 completed this afternoon I'm off the starting blocks :-)


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