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How many runs are there in week 9?

I have just finished week 8 this evening, so have the final podcast coming up. My question is at which point have you officially finished the programme? Do you have to run week 9 3 times or just the once? I intend to keep running afterwards anyway, so will probably use it several times to get used to the 30mins before moving onto other podcasts, but I just wondered at which point you can officially say you have graduated! Thanks in advance.

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Laura tells you to do week 9 three times as usual. I have decided to stick with that and keep on to the end. That means I graduate after my next run. Exciting to be nearning the end isn't it?


Week 9 is 3 times at 30 mins. I tried to make it more interesting by trying to run for 30 mins in the first run, then trying to achieve 5K in the 30 mins for the second one and I did the local Park Run for my graduation run which made it special. Once I got onto running for the full 30 mins I found Laura's music a bit pap. So I downloaded a few podcasts from MotionTraxx they have a much better beat to run to and you can choose a beat that suits you.

Good luck for the the final week, and happy graduation!


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