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Weekend runs are different

One of the things about C25k is that it helps develop a habit of getting half an hours' exercise 3 times a week. However in all honesty with work and family commitments, I struggle to get out twice during the week. {Can't help being reminded as I write this of the Fawlty Towers psychiatrists episode: "How often do you manage it?"!) Weekday runs tend to be local, through the woods, round the park, through the school and then what I call the "run for home" slightly downhill with scope to pick up some speed. Even if I try to vary the route, it is getting boring but I'm spurred on by not wanting to loose the progress I've made.

So at weekends I try to do something different. Some weeks I do the Parkrun on Saturdays otherwise I look for a new route with a bit of interest. Today was a lovely fresh morning so the plan was to go down to the River Almond and then round by the park at Cammo. I didn't have an exact route in mind and that was part of the fun, making little choices based on which path looked the more interesting. I also wasn't that bothered about time or distance. So I stopped on the 2 bridges I crossed to look at the river, didn't worry that I walked a bit where the path was steep and nettly but enjoyed "beating" the 2 blokes running on the other side of the main road. It means my track on Endomondo is like a map of the Alps rather than the boring plateau from my normal runs.

Great fun, invigorating. Sometimes we take things too seriously and need to release the inner child and play at bit more!

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Sounds like a lovely run; I am sat at work trying to decide if I should go for a plod when I get home later (will be tired after 4 hours sleep, commute that was a disaster making me late for work and then working the shift) as I really want to run; or leave it until tomorrow (changing onto night shifts so can run when I get up or early afternoon)... choices! :-)


Sounds good, and it's a lovely day down here. Hope it is with you too.


That sounds like a lovely run. I agree, it's nice to do something different for a change. When I first started I was determined not to drive anywhere for my run. However, I get bored and going somewhere new is a great way of reinvigorating my running. I like the idea of your Endomondo map!


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