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A good end to a long week and a memory!

Some of you if you have seen Facebook may know that I managed a run that may not have happened yesterday. It was almost one of those ones that doesn't happen due to travelling/work or other. I made myself get out though, I knew I'd feel better as it had been a long week of working and fighting a cold. I did feel better and at points I even pushed my speed so I can get a little more distance in- according to map my walk my pace was 8:30 min/km and I did 4.86 km... I achieved that goal right?

It was a slightly daft run though as I did it as it was getting dark and it was quite shadowy and I don't know about non shadowy

routes around me, but I am alive to tell the tale!

Does anyone else's legs feel heavy the day after a full run?

This morning I also wanted to share something. This time last year I was making even more great use of our NHS. After a series of tests I was diagnosed with a heart condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White, it's an abnormal heart beat and when I tried to run or exert myself it would kick in even more and after not a lot of time I would get breathless and probably beetroot faced like we do after about 20 mins of running! Today is the day that I was told my quality of life would improve and it has, I spent the first few months after my procedure taking it easy and analysing and building my fitness and then in July I downloaded these podcasts and I can now run for 30 mins!!! :)

I like to call myself an NHS marvel, or one of them!

(The next post of similar nature will be in November, it's when I had the procedure!)

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I think that when life throws us BIG challenges, that's when we find our real mettle. Sounds like you faced the abyss, decided you'd rather not go there, and showed life that you would control your own destiny. Isn't our NHS wonderful? I can't understand for the life of me why the Americans think it's some kind of communist conspiracy? But at the same time, the NHS can only do so much for us - it's up to ourselves to grab an opportunity and, as you've done, be better than you were before your illness.

I'm proud of you - and I'm sure everyone else is too!


Aw thank you Malcy! My family haven't as yet said anything as positive about being proud and impressed etc but who cares... I suppose!

I just took things in my stride before and didn't do half as much as I'm finding I can do, but having a diagnosis of something also gave a name to something that was niggling at me!


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