Bloody hell, I ran for 20 minutes!

Bloody hell, I ran for 20 minutes!

Well you could just about call it running. Tiny steps. But with 5 mins to go I had somehow relaxed and was able to stretch to longer steps and even add a little pace. The first 5-10 mins always seem to be the hardest, then I get accustomed to the exertion. I guess next week I'm going to have to do it all over again! Man, I deserve my muesli!! (By the way, Charlie the dog ran too.)

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  • Well done you ! Getting that twenty minutes nailed is something to be proud of . Sadly, I haven't found that the first 5-10 minutes gets much easier , it's just something that has to be got through... with gritted teeth quite frequently !

    Good luck with the rest of the programme....loving Charlie btw...I love a cuddly, shaggy dog (was owner of four ,now much missed, Old English Sheepdogs).

    Happy weekend :)

  • Well done! :)

  • Well done hardest hurdle over and done with !

    Happy running x

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