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Need a boost as legs refuse to work

Hello fellow chums,

I am having a rather grim time of late. Since running my personal spectacular sub 30min last friday, my poor old legs have been extremely painful. Mainly my right shin which feels as if a horse has kicked it! As a result, I've been unable to do ANY running since and have been feeling a tad dispirited about this. What doesn't help are my punishing work hours and ridiculous cross County commute! Sitting in a car for two hours after an 11 hour day is NOT conducive to wanting to get up and run!

Anyway, I am hoping my pins return to normal soon. Perhaps I've damaged them? Not sure really, but one thing's for sure - I NEED to keep going out there, not just for my health and well being, but to keep my waistline to within overhang tolerances! It's too easy sitting at my computer all day and shovelling in calorific values of questionable need.

So my usual chipper demeanour is somewhat muted today - which some may say is a good thing!!

I shall report back once I've got out there again and legs have returned to their normal state of non agony. Thank you for reading!


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Poor you - I too do long commutes - 2 hours plus in the car a day and it makes it difficult to motivate myself. But like you know it is good for me and helps with the desk jockey job. And it sounds like you need to rest anyway - I am not sure what shin splints are but I wonder if that is what you have - rest seems to be the cure.

..and do report back :-)


Shin splints???? Aaaghhh!!!!


Ouch - huge sympathies. Does sound like it could be shin splints :( Have you had your 'gait analysis' done? It may indicate if shoe inserts or fresh trainers would help?

Really frustrating for you, but worth not pushing yourself until you are in less pain. Can you bear to swim instead? I know it's difficult with work and commuting, but perhaps there is a pool nearer your work?


Ahh...alas, due to an incident when I was 6 I am absolutely USELESS at swimming! But a gait analysis is something Ihave heard the peeps on here talk about in the past. Perhaps I should get one done? My trainers are only 5 months old too!


Poor you. You must feel deflated. Don't let it sink in too deep. I am sure a rest is good. Just as a thought if your not used to a long commute could it be that's what's doing your shins in. I know if I haven't driven for a while my shins hurt even before I started this running lark, change of posture for the legs. Maybe stretch after the car ride will help the shins heel. Only a side thought. Hope you back up and running soon.


Thanks RFC. That's a good point, although I do alternate car driving with using my motorbike on occasions. When I DO get out of the car, I'm like a 100 year old man so a stretch is a good idea. Thank you!


oooh nasty...I had that and I could barely walk ( no joke), so I took myself off to the special running shop and had an assessment and then spent a fortune on fancy wa*** shoes...but I have had no problems since.....better get yourself there and keep that overhang at bay ;)

I really feel for you, I was like a caged animal till they felt better.


Thanks JuJu. Really appreciate that. X


Go and get your gait analysed Danzargo! It's very techy and makes you feel like a real athlete! ;)

Hope you're feeling better soon, it's awful not being able to run x


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