Final day week 7.All I can say is HORRIBLE.I was in the gym on treadmill,with my daughter who decided to visit.She asked me if I was running

I supposedly wasn't lifting my knees.My daughter completely put me off.I know I run slow, but oh dear I did not think I was so slow running at 6.9km.I completed the run but felt defeated,now have to motivate myself to move on to week 8.


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  • Don't worry about speed. You were running, no matter what your daughter said. I was in the gym on the treadmill yesterday and the fit looking young man next to me ran at a constant speed of 6.0 km/h which was fun as I had walked at that speed during my warm up walk (well, I always walk fast so it's nothing special for me). Your 6.9km were definitely faster!Btw, I did half of my run at 6.7km last Thursday so there's really no reason to say you're too slow.

    Good luck for Week 8! Better run slow and steady for the full time than too fast with an early stop.

  • Don't feel disheartened. I bet you've felt good about it up to now? Getting to week 7 is a massive achievement and a really big deal!

    As long as you know you're running don't let anyone put you off!

    The majority of people on here begin the program slowly. Thats how it works. My "run" is more of a shuffle and I can prob walk faster but thats not why I do it.

    You can always work on speed later if you really want to. But first complete your 9 weeks, hold your head up high and feel proud because Laura knows you're a runner,so do we and deep down, because you're the one thats followed a program and put in the effort, YOU know you're a runner too!

    Well done! :D

  • Thankyou so much.Youre replies brought tears to my eyes for some reason.I think achieving something like this is very emotional.Hope you don't think I'm silly!I will take you're comments with me to the gym tomorrow.Only 2more weeks to go for graduation! X

  • I've been pretty emotional on certain runs too! I think it's because we're discovering something about ourselves that maybe we didn't really believe? We ARE runners after all. The first time I did 5 minutes without stopping I blubbed behind my sunglasses. Coldplay were singing me into the last stretch and I felt so grateful to them for getting me there! I think I'll be a mess on my graduation run - but in a good way. Well done to you.

  • What Hezzabelle said! I think I'm probably a bit like her - when I change from a walk to my "run" all that seems to happen is that I expend a lot more energy to go at much the same speed - but who cares? I'm running!

    Be proud. You're doing something amazing. I'm on Week 1, and I regard people who've reached the rarefied heights of the weeks I still have to come with something approaching awe.

    Keep going!

  • Agree absolutely with Niggit and Hezzabelle- running at the start isn't about the speed, and hey, I still do a trot which is barely faster than a walk, but I've managed to run for 30 mins. Keep it up and be very proud that you're doing it. I'm told faster times will come over time with practice, so don't be hard on yourself. Enjoy your running, whatever speed you achieve!

  • I wouldnt be too hard on yourself, everyone at my gym goes faster than me (and you!) including my sister who joins me sometimes. I've stopped worrying about that because the main thing is I'm there and doing something. Speed will improve eventually. I did try to speed up for week five but the result was I couldnt maintain the duration and had to repeat the last run. I'd much rather have a slower success on a visit then the feeling I got when i failed the w5r3 the first time. I just keep telling myself that 6 weeks a go I couldnt run for 60 seconds at any speed so I shouldnt be too worried that I'm not too fast yet. Week 7 for me this week, good luck for your last couple of weeks x

  • Thankyou so much for supportive words.Looking forward to moving to my last 2weeks.Ive decided to quit the podcast and go with some music.need some powerful tracks, with a good beat.Best of luck to you for week 7.How do you feel about it?

  • I'm feeling ok about it, better then i did for the first long run in week 5 and everyone here, at home and work are so supportive so know ill be ok even if takes a few goes. first visit tomorrow so fingers crossed i manage. I tried ditching the podcast for my first try of w5r3, either missed the routine or didn't get the track mix right so daren't try swapping again.

  • I remembered a great post the community member Scipio wrote last month and that shows that speed isn't everything. And although this page sometimes sucks, I found it (yippie!!!).

    Here it is:

    If you still need to be convinced that slow running wins, I hope Scipio's post will do so :)

  • Laugh when I think of myself striding along, red-faced and breathless, then clumping along for a minute in an approximation of a run. Keep going. You'll be able to run further than your daughter.

  • Oh my gosh - you are doing great! At "our age" (haha) it isn't easy to start something like this! I am also a slowpoke, just trying to make it through the increasing minutes! Going out to do 25 minutes now!

  • hiya How did you do.I just did day 1 week 8 this morning and whilst it was boring.I did it on treadmill, I felt better than the other day.come on we are nearly there! X

  • Hi- I got out there this afternoon and did what was supposed to be 25min of running. I tried using the ismoothrun run again. I think it goofs up a bit and it is possible that I ran a few minutes less than I should have. It felt pretty good though. Next 25 minute run I better work out something better for timing myself. Should go back to the c25k app. But this other one is cool because it can tell you how far you went, your pace, cadence and some other things. We are still having pretty good weather here (upstate NY) so I can keep going out side! Good luck with your next runs........I am right behind you:)


  • People can be so negative! Urgh! Well I read somewhere that it is important to remember - no matter how slow you are going, you are still lapping everyone on the couch! The key here is to build stamina, not speed. Speed will come later. You are doing amazing to get this far into your program, how emotional you are tells you that the only thing standing between you and success is your mental strength... not your physical one! That was what made a difference for me! CONGRATS and come meet me on the other side, i just finished week 9 a week ago and am running 30 minutes three times a week!!! :)

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