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10 miles - 1:35:08 - Tired legs and an unfortunately timed stitch!

Hi all!

Just got another 10 miles completed, 2:30 slower than last week,mainly due to getting a stitch at 8km. I ran through it but it wasn't easy. Also my legs were tired from the beginning and that is probably to be expected after yesterdays run and if you include last Sunday I have now run 31 miles in 8 days, which is a lot more than I have run previously. However I am very happy with the time and know that the HM programme I am following will ease off in the weeks before the HM so I won't have a problem with tired legs.

I ran without glasses because I tend to get sweat on them making them useless anyway. It was much easier running like this.

I need some breakfast now :-). Also thanks again to everyone who had kind words after my post yesterday!

Here is a link to my run:

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Aftabs,,,( or should I say Bionic man) your time is amazing, don't be disheartened...and well done, you are totally on track for your HM. You should wear a sweatband as that will absorb the sweat and stop it dripping in your eyes....well done!!


Thanks. I I probably do need a sweatband, I've been wearing one in the wrist but that's not really enough on the longer runs.


Hey Aftabs, Mate, you really should not be disheartened, you are simply gr8!!! I used to do my stretching before a run and then afterwards as well. Then I read somewhere it is not all that good to do stretching before the run, so I stopped it but I used to get stitches while running. Then I started to do stretching again before the run and also after the run, ever since I am stitch free, at least until now! Try that if it is ok. Good luck to you for your fantastic running!!


Thanks. I still have the brisk 5 min walk and then begin the run, but don't stretch until the run is finished. This is the first time I've had a stitch so if I get it again I will try stretching before and see if that helps. Thanks again!


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