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End of Week 2 second time around

I've just done my 3rd run of week 2. I'm feeling pleased with myself because I'm still going and I'm pushing myself, especially on the last run of the session. I haven't looked ahead to see what I have to do next week (I've decided that running on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays suits my schedule) as I know that having done the whole thing last year I will be able to do it, whatever it is and there's no point frightening myself with how much longer the runs are going to be. This time last year I could run for 30 minutes at a time, so I know I have it in me. I just need to tease it out of myself gently by following the programme!

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Good for you ! I tended not to look ahead either,though I sometimes got more than an inkling of what was to come from reading what others were posting...but usually it was a nice surprise ....haha :)

Good'll get there again !


Last time I looked ahead and scared myself with what I was going to have to do next. This time around there are a few things I'm doing differently, and not looking ahead is one of them!


I did my w2 r3 today too. But I have looked ahead. I am due to run with a friend on Saturday, so wanted to know what I was scheduled to do...actually, I have looked at all of the weeks so it want just for the run on Saturday! I saw the time and was concerned about doing it, so instead of running the 1.5 mins I ran the week 3 longer time....and it was fine! Like, really fine!!! So surprised! I deliberately haven't said what the longer time is so I don't ruin the surprise for you!!! In fact, I nearly ran a full minute past the longer time! Shocked! It's funny how we all like to do different the differences! X


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