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C25k+ breakdown

Because I'm working it out for myself, might as well share.

Stepping stone - 5 min brisk walk, 10mins at 150bpm, 15mins at 155bpm, 5mins at 160bpm, 5min brisk walk (30min total run)

Stamina - 5min brisk walk, 10mins at 158bpm, 20mins at 160bpm, 5mins at 165bpm, 5mins brisk walk (35min total run)

Speed - 5min brisk walk, 5min at 155bpm, 1min at 165bpm followed by 1min at 150bpm (x6), 5min brisk walk

They don't look too bad if you write them out like that...

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Very interesting, thank you :-)


how are you getting on with them?

I had this idea that after a few weeks of repeating the C25K w9, I'd start running Stepping Stone on Tues, Speed on Thurs, and Stamina on Sat. But holy hell, Stepping Stone humbled me a great deal... I just couldn't seem to keep up. On my third (maybe fourth?) attempt at Stepping Stone this morning, I was able to keep up through the 150 and 155 bpm sections, but slowed for the last 5 minutes instead of picking it up to 160... I knew I couldn't pull it out, but at least I didn't need any walking breaks. So I can see that I'll eventually be able to do it, but it's making me fearful of the Speed and Stamina workouts!


Caribougrrl do you think it might be better to start on stamina then? I'm in week 9 and wondering what to do next! My average speed seems to be 8 min something a km according to map my walk, so do we think stepping stone would be too much?

I think I'm just going to have to try them and see what works!


Stamina is even faster bpm! I think I'm struggling with "quick, light" steps... I have been accompanying my partner while she does the c25k (she's on week 3) and have begun to notice that her feet hit the ground far more often than mine when we are going the same pace... not surprising since I'm taller, but I'm beginning to think I need to conciously decrease my stride until I have the pacing figured out??

Regarding what to do next: I spent a couple of weeks repeating w9 until the 1/2 hr (at my evidently slow pace) felt comfortable before upping the ante. In the past, I changed my route to include some really challenging hills and did weeks 6-9 again on the hilly route. I've also given a program called Gateway to 8k a try, but didn't really like it... I'm hoping the c25k+ podcasts will be a good bridge between c25k and an 8k or 10k program. What you should do depends a lot on what you want to be able to do... :) Clearly I haven't decided for myself yet.

Congrats on getting to week 9!


No I haven't yet either so I may keep doing week 9 until I have decided and worked it out, until I'm ready for a new challenge I suppose!


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