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First run with Audiofuel - loved it!

First time using 'The First Hour' today and it was great! Managed just under 8k which is the furthest I've ever done but the best thing was how much it helped me to keep a good, comfortable pace.y pace is usually all over the place and I didn't feel out of breath like I usually do so I really enjoyed the run. Such a lovely day as well :)

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That's great news!

I may try this one when I reach that stage, I have two weeks until I 'graduate' and my pace is kind of all over the place but mainly when I hit the wall and have to slow down then get comfortable and somehow speed back up! Is audiofuel also a podcast?


I'm usually the same with my pace and was a bit dubious about trying this as I've tried and failed miserably with the C25K+ podcasts but I liked the idea of a longer, slower run and it really helped. I'm not sure if you can get it as a podcast, sorry. I bought it on my iPhone from iTunes but I'd definitely recommend it for after you graduate. Good luck with finishing the programme! :)


hi - good feedback - this podcast is my next target . i am just working my way through B210k and this podcast is my present to myself when I get to the hours run- I look fwd to that pace run I can sustain.

You can get it on itunes or the audiofuel site.

Happy running


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