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Week 1 Run 2 - Calm before the storm

So I hear a storm is to hit Northern Ireland tomorrow and Monday, much like the rest of the UK by the sound of it. Which makes me wonder should I take my two day break now and do run 3 on Tuesday, but then I remembered the weather is only going to get worse so I'll just have to get used to it!

The run its self was challenging enough, but that can only be a good thing! The first couple of weeks are always where I'm most impatient, I can wait until I'm able to do the longer runs!

Also I move into my new flat on Monday, there's a nice stretch along a main road by the coast (great views) so I wont have to keep looking over my shoulders for tractors anymore which will be great!

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Hi Jodie. Don't let a little thing like rain stop you! It can be quite liberating running in the rain, getting soaked, knowing that when you get home there's a gorgeous hot shower or bath awaiting you!

Your new running route sound gorge too. I agree about tractors. You don't get many in London, but I know what you mean. Keep it up and keep us informed of each run!


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