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Graduation Present to myself

I am due to graduate on Saturday at our local Parkrun so I have decided to get myself a graduation present of sorts. Whilst most people seem to get themselves one of these Garmin thingys, I have decided to go a bit different. So I bought myself an entry into this!!!

It's a 10k race round Phoenix Park in Dublin next April. It's also a month before our wedding so I should be in good shape for the photos!!!

Serious bit now. When our daughter was born last Christmas she was rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit with congenital pneumonia and a collapsed lung. Whilst it was well within the capabilities of the carers to fix her, I am sure that without their help she wouldn't have made it to this Christmas. As I have said before here, everything I'm doing towards getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle is for her benefit, so this is just one more thing. For that reason, I will be running to raise money for Tiny Life Northern Ireland. They are a wonderful charity, set up to assist parents and carers of multiple births, premature babies, and sick newborns. They directly fund the neonatal unit in the Ulster Hospital in Belfast, which is where Eilidh spent those first few days in an incubator.

If any of you feel like parting with a few pennies to a relative stranger, then please by all means do. I can be found here...

I hope you don't feel it is out of turn posting on here fundraising but I am sure you will agree it is a good cause and understand my motivation!!

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Good luck with your 10k! It's great to hear about people's motivations and I'm so glad this had a happy ending :) I hope to do a 10k next year for the Lullaby trust so that's my motivation to keep going and it certainly helps to push me on a run when I'm finding it hard.

Enjoy graduation on Saturday!


10k, wow, very daunting for me, but I know you will do it. Off to sponsor you now.


That's very kind of you squaremum!! much appreciated :)


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