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First Night Run

Late home, light fading but needed a run so went for it.

Don't have a miners helmet but do have a park to run around and luckily picked footie training night so had a little of the light from their floodlights at the other end of the park.

Still dark and slippy in the rain plus missed my turning once or twice but other than that it was fine and think I would do it again.

Might go for the candle taped to the head though as don't fancy carrying a floodlight around with me.

Merci et bon nuit.

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I gave up on the park as it seemed too lonely in the gloom. I'm not sure that running the streets will be as much fun but will probably feel safer. So am impressed that you stuck to the park.


It is a little solitary but I'm usually concentrating on the run and you have music to keep you company so it's not too bad. I may have to mix it up with areas that have lighting though.


Well done you... I should Benoit there now but I chose my bed, I had no idea it would make such a difference. I'm definitely going out tonight rain or snow as I know ill feel better. Thanks for spurring me on!!!


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