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After taking a break from running over the summer, yesterday I dropped my teenage son off at his bus stop and drove to my favorite morning run site ~ only to find an official notice of a bridleway closure for 6 months to allow resurfacing of the road section to the reservoir, - they have dug my run up - starting on Monday of this week. I was bereft! I had been looking forward to the runs starting again in Sept, only to be dealt this body blow.

OK, I live on Dartmoor where there are masses of good runs, but this was traffic free, quiet, by a tumbling river and was mine. I suspect that the closure will be shorter than the 6 months as South West Water need access, but I love that run!

My bike is now going to see even more activity than usual.

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They've done a similar thing where I run too. A huge housing estate is being built and for all my 9 weeks I had to negotiate a 1m deep, 15m wide cut where the access road is going in. Now they have fenced it off (although somebody keeps knocking the fence sections down in the night - not me guv!) It means an added 1km detour to get round it now. Last week I had just got myself nicely warmed up and 10 paces of running done when the tree fella's made me stop while they dropped a huge branch across the whole road. Couldn't argue with that could I?

Your run sounds a bit like mine. Why does my community not understand that the lovely river is MY river now! :-)


Hi Beek

I hope you will get your river back soon. It's just not fair what they do ~ just because they own the land, they think they can do what ever they like!!

I'm pretty sure that I will get MY river back soon, but I'm itching to get going ~ and my wife even wants to join me on my evening runs, so I need it ASAP.

Make sure you don't get hit by any branches, or fall in any holes; and please, stop knocking down the fence!!


Hi Sallycycle. I recently graduated and I am sometimes struggling to keep my self going out. I think it would be a very good idea to just ditch the podcasts and do a few runs to - anywhere really - and find myself a new part of the river. People say you do better adding some new routes for a bit of variety so that is what I shall do.

But it is still MY river!

It must be nice to have your partner interested to run with you. Mine has always told me walking/running is a waste of time - (he would rather be in his workshop making something (to fit in the live steam engines he makes!)

Hope you get your river back very soon!


Hi Beek

I too hope MY river is back soon. OK, it goes for miles from Dartmoor down to the sea, but this stretch is MINE.

My wife is keen to start running, and it came as a bit of a blow when we couldn't get out last night. We shall find a temporary alternative tonight, I hope.

There is nothing wrong in tinkering in a workshop or shed making something, it's just that I would rather be out running, cycling or walking.

Good luck with your river, and I hope you get your bit back soon.

CONGRATULATIONS on graduating. I never used the pod casts, preferring just to do my own thing. I found it worked for me, but it may not for everyone.

Take care



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